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FOSMessageBundle for laravel

is there an implementation of laravel for this?

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Command bus

I really like the look of I...

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5 Jun, 2014 at 08:03

Best Practice for creating a global method for all controllers

Hi all! I have an app which handle multiples entities and each entity (table) has an order column so...

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Asset Organization in Laravel 4.1

Hi everybody, I used to use Basset to manage my assets - I grew very fond of the notion of "col...

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SAAS Application in Laravel

I'm developing a SAAS application using Laravel 4. I have one master database and multiple tenant da...

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Connect two different databases in a page/module

I'm developing a SAAS application using Laravel. I have one master database and multiple tenant data...

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Laravel - SAAS Multitenant Architecture - Database Config

I'm going to start a SAAS model web application and gone through many searches. Finally in my mind h...

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Model inheritance in DB (or multi-table models)

Let's assume we have a catalog. We have base Item model and item types model (Car extends Item, Moto...

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How to forward configuration?

Hey all, I'm developing a package (1) that requires another package (2) with its own Laravel configu...

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Help me refactor my model->javascript complex view

I'm passing a model collection ($occurrences) from the controller to the view, and there I convert t...

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Simplest way for users of my project to update to the latest version

Hi everyone, What's the simplest way for users of my project to update to the latest version of my p...

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Using External Library (Composer and Non Composer)

I'm trying to use this library In laravel , i...

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Access to static functions if I inject a Model instance into BasicRepository

How could I do to get access to the all(), find(), and all Model static functions if I'm using an in...

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validation as service

Hi, I implemented validation as service, as it is described in this book

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31 May, 2014 at 12:04

Development time is being heavily increased by using standard design patterns

Before I know Repository pattern and Service oriented design , I put anything like validation and da...

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New Laravel Site - Feedback Requested

Hi I've created a new site using Laravel. It's a real estate website aimed at gi...

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Redis Queue

I'm using Laravel queue system for the first time and I have some questions about the architecture :...

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Symfony class not found

I've created ServiceProvider and I'd like to use MoFileLoader from Symfony Component. This class is...

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How would you handle user image and default value

I have 2 table: users id, username, email, profile_image user_images id, user_id, file a user prof...

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Strange cache(?) error -- Web view not reflecting code edits

I have a cascade of packages. Package A requires Laravel 4.1.29. Package B requires Package A. Packa...

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