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Multiple domains, how to share login?

I have multiple Laravel installations running on multiple domains: A, B, C, D etc. These are service...

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5 Jul, 2014 at 07:20

laravel 4.2.4 multiple users types

we have some groups of users (students teachers parents) with different property and they need diffe...

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Can't sign in anymore with new password after requesting new password

I've been doing this laravel course here Everything work...

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Authenticating A User With Conditions (activating users by admin)

I need to let users resgister themselves through a form, and let them inactive users till, the Admin...

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[OAuth] Login with RunKeeper via OAuth-4-laravel package

Hi everybody, I would like sign in users with runkeeper in my website. So i use the OAuth-4-laravel...

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Keeping the users logged in for 2 weeks?

Hi How can I keep the users logged in for 2 weeks? I currently do this: Auth::attempt(array('email'...

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12 Aug, 2014 at 08:56

Auth multiple user

Hi I have a weblog system which I want to program it with Laravel . In auth part we have 3 seperated...

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Auth::attempt() fails

I'm having problems with my project, it won't log any users in with the Auth::attempt() - it just do...

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Auth:viaRemember() not work

I've read a lot of how to solve the problem without success. I did the right thing by Laravel instru...

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Class does not exist

Hi guys, I'm trying to create an Event for sending emails, so I created a class I called observers.p...

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Does anyone use the function viaRemember()

I've searched but seem not to have a fix. Again want to put this issue to solve

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Auth::onceBasic() remembering authentication

I'm trying to do something similar to here, but not for an API:

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Encrypting email for Eloquent user Auth

I have tried encrypting the email address (username) using mutators and accessors on the model for a...

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Strange session behaviour

I've deployed my app to production (godaddy, laravel 4.0), and something is wrong. After user login,...

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What's the the best way to scope todo lists and todo items to a user? (unsure of correct terminology!)

I'm not sure if there's a specific term for what I'm trying to do -I think it's referred to as "...

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probleme with routing

0 down vote favorite I am new to the Laravel framework and I am stuck with routing. Folder structure...

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Getting Invalid Oauth Access token while retrieving user's facebook profile

This is my first question. I am trying to retrieve user's facebook profile. I am using laravel 4 fra...

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Session data reset after payment from redirect url

Hi guys, i notice that, when i complete the payment from paypal like logged user on my site, after t...

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How can i distinguish my user between other users?

I would like to make that when a user logs it could see other users, but this user can't modify pers...

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9 Aug, 2014 at 09:53

cookie issue

we have a site developed in zend framework. we are planning to migrate our one module (payment) in l...

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