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Laravel OAuth Login Session Not Being Saved On Redirect

I'm writing open source twitch-like esports platform called Glitch, repo is here, and I am have prob...

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Call to a member function getClientOriginalName() on arrayla

public function update(Request $request, $id) { $siapakami = Weboption::findOrFail($id);...

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Laravel 5.2 to 9.x

I am currently trying to upgrade a project from Laravel 5.2 to Laravel 9 I have the project migrated...

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Laravel - Login

Hello, When logging into a Laravel application I noticed that I have to write my email address in lo...

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Shibboleth pass variable to Laravel built-in auth

I'm setting up a Laravel app that does Shibboleth as well as standard auth. Users first get authenti...

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I changed my laravel version from 5.8 to 7.29la

Argument 1 passed to Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\InputBag::get() must be of the type string, nu...

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Can we improve this blogging app?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. In the FrontendController controller I have: na...

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What causes the failure to iterate a comments array?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. The ArticlesController controller I have this m...

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Google Authentication Callbacks Issue

returning 404 page after sign in with google account Problem Image I have use...

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Date format on personal access token

I have a problem when I want to authenticate myself with Laravel Sanctum, when I generate a login th...

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Laravel Echo Authorizer

hi, im using Laravel 8 as api backend and react js in front. im trying to build a websocket connecti...

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posted 5 months ago

login & register Auth in front web & admin Panel

how can i make Auth in Admin Panel And Another Auth in Front web

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Passport, Sanctum or both

Hi everyone! Years ago I have wrote a mobile app API with Laravel 4.2 and I want to rewrite those AP...

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TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 67:

Hello World .. My site is programmed with laravel version 5.2.45 and I have shared hosting at ionos....

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Method [name] does not exist - Laravel 8

I'm having a problem with my Auth. So, I'm doing login but not using User models. I made my own mode...

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User Specific Content - How to create it?

Hi, I am new on Laravel. I need help for learning. I wanna create a login website where a user can l...

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Passport - Client Access Tokens (machine-to-machine)

Hello, I am interested in knowing about how to work with communications between servers, I have appl...

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Sanctum refresh token for react?

Hello everyone, i have question laravel sanctum, i'm creating authentication for spa & mobile ap...

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Socialite - One user with multiple providers

I'm looking for best practice on setting up Laravel (with socialite) to handle multiple social provi...

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How can I use a middleware method in the routes file?

I am working on a Laravel 8 app with users, roles and permissions. I use Microsoft Azure for user si...

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