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[Laravel 5] - Clean install fatal error

Hello, I'm getting this error after clean install of Laravel 5: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare c...

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Laravel file upload status

Hello, I'm trying to build a file upload progress bar with laravel. I tried with php session upload...

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route caching in laravel 5

Hello, I have a slight problem with route caching when using closures in the routes file. My routes....

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Laravel on Google Compute Engine

Morning there, I'm working on Google Compute Engine GCE and i uploaded my laravel projects there,but...

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Cache and memory problem L4.2

Hey everyone, I have a strange problem, when i tried to use Cache "sometimes" it throws Fa...

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Laravel Exception after cookie is set - OpenSSL extension is required

Hi, Setup IDE: PHPStorm Laravel latest through composer PHP UniServerZ with PHP 5.4.23 OS Windo...

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How to cache paginated results ?

This will work $posts = Post::paginate(6); This will not work $posts = Post::paginate(6); Cache::ad...

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Browser Back Button clicked

logged in into account , when authentication successful routes to the assigned routes , now when...

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Http request cache cookie

I've been dealing with an issue recently which is. I build an API on laravel 4, and it returns json...

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Memcached errors not showing up in log

I have a Laravel instance up and running using memcached. Everything is working fine. Recently there...

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Best practice for caching

Hi, I build a website with Laravel and it's up and running. I'm very happy with it and it's working...

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Caching permissions for performance

I will have a permission system that will be administered via a PHP page and stored in the DB with t...

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Random session refresh

Hi, I started building a site using this starter kit:

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Cache redis component overrides cache.php settings with database.php

I've trying to figure out why the Cache component wouldn't read my redis settings in cache.php, but...

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Using opcache as session and cache driver

Hi folks, Is there a specific driver for opcache I can use to store session and cache info for PHP5?...

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Laravel 4.1.28 Performance

I tried to implement my website build from Laravel 4.1.28 Cache: File Session: File Debug: FALSE DB...

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Elegant wau to create global variable

Im wondering if there is a elegant way to create an globally accessible variable in some elegant way...

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Views are not updating

Hello, I'm using Laravel 4.2 under Ubuntu Server 14.04(64bit) & Apache (2.4.7), PHP (5.5.9) &...

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Weird!!! Copied view folder is not working. Saying View[*] not found.

I am facing a weird issue with laravel. I copied my view from one of my project from the path .. app...

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Large amount of records with memcached sessions?

Greetings all, I have an instance of Laravel up and running with a load balancer in place. We've set...

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