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Nginx installation with laravel

Hi guys, today i need install on my server nginx, and my server analyst said to me: "The proble...

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Sessions not saving when choose Memcached

I done: sudo apt-get install memcached sudo apt-get install php5-memcached sudo service apache2 res...

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Auto Generate Cache

How to store cache in cache root directory in my laravel website. please provide me your suggesion

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Cache Partitions?

Is there any way for Laravel (4.2 or ???) to support cache partitions? What I mean by this is that...

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'URL based image manipulation' check if image exist

Hi, I am using intervention and want to implement the 'URL based image manipulation' for images. I s...

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'URL based image manipulation' define subfolders

Hi, I am using intervention and want to implement the 'URL based image manipulation' for images. I w...

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Laravel 4.2 Set-Cookie each request included offline users

Hello, When driver.session is set to something different than "array", each webpage conten...

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Cache View

Hi, In my app every controller method return a view object like this: $rslt = View::make($this->l...

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Most efficient way to get count of related tables

I'm looking for the most efficient way to get the count of related records from related tables. The...

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Cache only view data and drop session data

Hello I'm using this package: for caching my routes, b...

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Implement Cache

Hi, My app contains series of blocks that generated at the controller, and send to master.blade.php....

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Dot notation in Laravel 3 Caching?

Dear programmers, I would really like to use dot notations in the laravel cache option, but it seems...

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I cache the results of a query using the remember method. But how to cache all query?

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Cache key uniqueness with tags

Hi - can anyone tell me if cache keys can be non-unique if tags are being used? For example, can I s...

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laravel 4.2 is conflict with php5 xcache module.

laravel 4.2 is conflict with php5 xcache module. If you installed xcache,access laravel will get a b...

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7 years ago
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Memcached Session not saving

Hi guys, I have the problem that when I change my Session config to "memcached" it does't...

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Minify views using a whitelist

I tried using all the Laravel related minify packages and they all suffer from the same problems, es...

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high traffic performance

i am creating high traffic news web site. daily visitors 200.000 visit. i did full cache. see below...

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Homestead, Nginx pagespeed module?

Wouldn't it be nice if homestead would provide nginx with the page speed (

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