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Cache system always compiling the same cache for specified view

I have very annoying problem with cache system builtin Laravel. This cache system generates the same...

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Catching in views

i'm make extending blade for name @authorize, but always must run php artisan view:clear, not run ph...

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Cache file garbage collection?

I am using the file driver for cache, and there are several entries that the key only is good for a...

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Database "lazy connection"

Is it possible to create "lazy DB connection" in Laravel on easy way? If my app cache all...

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Laravel 4.2 PHP CPU usage

Hello, My setup is: Nginx load balancer 2 php-fpm server MySQL server Laravel 4.2 On every page navi...

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how to looping through url with Riderect in Laravel

Hi, I've been searching for days to figure out how to iterating through url request, as a naive prog...

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Session lost after redirect

I want to redirect my user to another page after they have signed up. For that i need to access thei...

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Laravel 5: easy and comfortable query caching?

Hello! Removing cache manager and Equolent 'remember()' is pain for us :( Is there any other way to...

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bdd to table

here is the code I have done I recovered the data from the model and I select BikeLock latitude and...

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Cache doesn't work when running unit tests with PHPUnit

Anyone else experiencing this? Problem: During unit tests, Cache neither gets nor sets when being ca...

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Memcached session & app cache

The cache and session data can have there own table (database) but if I want to put them in memcache...

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Laravel 5.1 Intervention corrupted image

I am trying to make use of the intervention/image and intervention/imagecache libraries. In trying t...

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Change Laravel Builtin Cache to Redis

Do you know that you can change your builtin Larvel file cache to Redis. Redis is an in-memory but p...

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Increase Laravel Performance

I'm thinking about how it would be increase performance if we keep IoC container in Redis Cache Duri...

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How to prevent config cache from using absolute default storage paths?

As I understand, Laravel 5.2 has finally got rid of .env (which was not really meant for production,...

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Store daily website stats

What's the best way to store daily website statistics? Like how many stored and deleted resources. I...

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Laravel running really slowly

Hi, So I have an application in Laravel 5.2 and it's running really slow. I've ran all the composer...

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Compile Blade to Memcache

Hi All, Has anyone tried doing this? I would really like to try this out and see if this helps the p...

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Larval 5.1 App not connecting to MySQL DB

Hi, I've looked pretty much all over the place. The scenario is basic, so I'm sure I'm missing somet...

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Someone help me understand the basics of Cache.

So, I'm currently trying to work with an API where i make requests using curl. The API has a rate li...

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