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Laravel customizing & modifying URL::temporarySignedRoute

Any help would be really appreciated. I'm using hyn/multi-tenant. I'm trying to register the user ac...

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Lumen + Docker Tutorial

Hi, my name is Ezequiel, i'm from Argentina. I'm looking for a Tutorial to learn how to start a proy...

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sql server connection in laravel php project : PDOexception

I have laravel php project which uses sql server db . when I start the application in xamp, it is re...

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What is Misusing expressions as defaults for function argume

What is Misusing expressions as defaults for function argume. please help me 🤷‍♂️😍

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Homestead Vagrant up error and Hosting

hello iam getting the following 2 errors: my current directories is following: homestead->E:\Lara...

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Caching a modulary form

Hello everyone, I develop an app with Laravel. This application is used by several companies and the...

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Laravel set dynamic config variable for whole project

I'm working on a CMS with Laravel to manage other databases. Now i use the config function to create...

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Deploy Laravel App on Addon Domain with Shared Hosting

I've searched up and down and while there are a lot of the same solutions out there that show how to...

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HELP ME PLEASE. APP_URL= not changing to my domain

Tests\Feature\ProjectsTest::test_a_user_can_create_a_project Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\...

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Some disconnects in the Lumen configuration documentation...

Maybe I'm too new to this, but on the Configuration page -

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How to properly use Controller Middleware?

I am using Spatie/laravel-permissions package for roles & permissions. I have 3 roles namely &qu...

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laravel server konfiguration

hy, I just installed Laravel version 5.6. then make auth, then I create a login folder in the public...

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Different column names with different users table name

I need to use table q_users (users at clean laravel) with columns: qID (id), qName (name), qEmail (e...

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Avatar not persisting

I am following Jeffrey Way's Let's build a forum, but cannot get the Avatar to persist on profile pa...

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Multiple websites on one laravel application

I've created a dashboard on laravel with user authentication. I want to create multiple websites on...

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Proper configuration for bootstrap 4 in views, Laravel 5.7

Unable to render bootstrap 4 in views files using dependencies in head section of html. <link hre...

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Laravel production & test environment

I'm new with Laravel, and maybe I don't understand Laravel very well. Is it possible to make 2 proje...

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Low request per second throughput with Laravel, AWS, Docker

Laravel 5.5 Php 7.0 AWS 8 cpu / 16GB Docker with nginx/php inside. I have an api that serves oauth...

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.htaccess exclude specific url & folder from proxy redirect

I have Laravel set up and running fine on Now, I want to proxy redirect to...

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Questions about Blade, Database and encoding files

Hi, I'm working on web app using Laravel that will display and allow to edit players ban list (from...

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