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Direct print to printer without popup box.

How to create print function for direct print to printer without popup box? Using Laravel 5.3. Pleas...

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Non-default queues and workers

Today we were trying to setup a queues, using 5 workers. We found that, when a job is dispatched to...

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Laravel on Google AppEngine: Any way to NOT write services.json?

Google AppEngine is my server platform of choice for all new apps. It's affordable (free during deve...

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What are some Laravel project ideas I can pitch to my clients?

I'm doing a business presentation on the benefits of Laravel, and I was wondering what are some good...

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Load class instance from Console command - Trying to get property of non-object

Hello, i have a class that im trying to create new instance from it from console command, and im get...

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Custom Laravel Web Development

Hello, I am sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I have a lot of experience with Laravel, and I hav...

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job (exception not caught?) or delay not working?

I work with jobs to send back webrequests (GET) to urls a user defined. To save load of my server I...

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Error running Queue

I have a Queue, which I'm trying to insert a job but, getting the following error: Next Illuminate\D...

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Multi scheduler

How can I check/solve my issue with scheduler. Q: If I set multiple command as per below but it work...

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Read environment settings from mysql

Good day I am using Laravel 5 and I want to store some environment settings like timezone or url in...

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laravel passport revoke and prune event listener is not doing anything

I've added this two event listeners to my : EventServiceProvider /** * The event listener m...

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Queue processing problem using Beanstalkd: Sometimes jobs don't run

Laravel 4, Beantalkd, Supervisor, and Beanstalk Console These are the columns in the console for obs...

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Not all jobs get deleted from beanstalkd

Hi. This is my first post. I've got an application that uses beanstalkd as a task queue. Jobs are...

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Get info member like facebook fan page

I have a problem. I don't solution for get member was liked my facebook fan page. Wish have idea fr...

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[package] process job on laravel events with node

hi, i just released a package to process job on laravel event you just need 5 minutes to setup ;) l...

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Need help with vue looking for a tutor

Hi, I'm new to Laravel and busy learning it for the last few weeks. I'm learning from the book: Lara...

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How to populate failed_jobs table?

Hi! I am using php-resque and redis for my queues. Succesfully listen to queues from terminal (Debia...

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Multi process worker queue issue

Hi all, i have a process executed by worker daemon (php artisan queue:work). I set supervisor to run...

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Jobs issues since passing from 5.1 to 5.2

Hello there, I tried to pass from version 5.1 to 5.2, following the available tuto on Bu...

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Laravel Event Broadcast not work with pusher

I used pusher for my project. I configure broadcasting as per laravel docs. When I fired my event pu...

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