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[JOB] Artisans needed. "Rockstars" need-not apply.

Looking for contractors to help execute some large-ish Laravel 4 projects on a part-time basis (10-2...

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Laravel Meetup in the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) - North Carolina

If you're in the triangle, we're trying to get a meetup going for Laravel (and related technologies)...

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Any ideas for Fedex / Hackathon using Laravel

Hi guys I want to introduce Laravel to my company. We have an upcoming Fedex day, where we can use a...

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New York, NY

I'd love to do some networking with others around New York. I'm part of a small design studio that c...

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Chicago Meetup

We have a meetup group in Chicago. Anyone's welcome!

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Bangladeshi Laravelian

This is a Local Community for Bangladeshi People's who can meetups about Laravel

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New Laravel Meetup in Louisville, KY USA

I'm a co-organizer for a recently created the Laravel User Group in Louisville Kentucky and would li...

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Munich, Germany

I recently created the Laravel User Group Munich and would like to invite anyone living in (or visit...

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Austin, TX

Next week, Feb 11th, we're holding a Laravel meetup at the Capital Factory, a very cool space that h...

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Just wondering if any one could be willing for a meetup at Allahabad

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Springfield, Missouri

Just wondering if there's anyone who would be interested in a meetup in Springfield, MO.

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Berlin (Germany) Meetup

Date: Tue, 2014-01-14 Time: 19:15 Location: Cafe Nest, Görlitzer Str. 52, 10997 Berlin (Kreuzberg)...

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DC/Balt/Maryland ES Area?

I'm really doubtful there's a whole bunch of Laravel devs in here, but it never hurts to see! I'm ha...

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