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Elixir does not output into new public path directory after using elixir.json

An L5 virgin question: I just simply installed a fresh L5 app, and installed elixir. Deleted app.css...

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2 Feb, 2014 at 09:31

[Package] Laravel Localitzation - Easy localization for Laravel 4

Hi there! I have written a new package for route localization (and some helpers) for Laravel 4 and I...

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New Form and FormSet Package

Now you can have the Django Forms and FormSet facilities in your laravel application without losing...

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31 Jan, 2015 at 12:32

[New package] Laravel 4/5 forum

I forked this project from Atrakeur/laravel-forum a few months ago when I was on the hunt for a robu...

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Easy Validation with Laracasts/Validation when using Laracasts/Commander

Just wanted to share how easy it is use laracasts commander together with laracasts validation (both...

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trying to update laravel 5 through composer without success

Hello guys. Im using laravel 5 dev and Im trying to update it through composer. in composer.json: &q...

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Getting a weird error when working with Laravel 4 and the php league OAuth2

i'm trying to get a Social login with Facebook in place using Laravel and The league OAuth2 client b...

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generator installation

Hello, How to install generator in laravel 4.2.16? Here

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How Convert dateTime come from mysql to date in laravel?

Hello, How Convert dateTime come from mysql to date in laravel? @foreach($OpenOrder as $OpenOrders)...

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[L5] Loading package views / language files

I just wrote a small blog post on howto load views publish assets and load lang files into your Lara...

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Change credentials Sentry 2

Hello! Im using sentry2 , by default the sentry configuration works with email and password like cre...

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Vagrant/Homestead on Fedora 21 strange new issue

Hi y'all, I don't really know where to post this. Weather it be here, Vagrant issue panel, og Larave...

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25 Jan, 2015 at 07:54

[Package] Lari18n, Translation made easy.

Hello laravel community ! Did you ever experienced the struggle of translating a website ? Well, may...

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6 Jul, 2014 at 03:45

Translation library/packages for Laravel lang files

Are there any recommendations for easy first-round translation API for lang files? I would like to u...

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Failed to execute git clone

I'm trying to install something that I created on git and I keep getting this error when I hit compo...

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Problem with Server Side in Datatable

Hello. I'm using the Bllim Package for Datatable in my Laravel app. Its found here It's not working...

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Need small help In Updating record.

Hello Experts, I need small help regarding to updating profile information. im trying to update prof...

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cURL or is there a native alternative?

I need to make some HTTP calls from within my routes / controllers ... and I immediately assume that...

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Best practice for testing controllers within a package?

I want to move some controllers into a package, but I also want to be able to test them. I've been a...

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PHPUnit fails to run inside Homestead

I have a Homestead vm running a nearly fresh install of Laravel 5.0 (dev-develop). I globally instal...

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