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How disable ruting from package

Hi, I'd like overwrite some rules from package rules. When I change boot method in vendor directory...

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running package migration inside migration failed in prodction enviroment.

I have a migration file which contain running migration of a package: Artisan::call('migrate', array...

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Laravel Drag and Drop

Hi There! i have an idea to build a website using laravel with technical drag and drop but i dont kn...

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Class not found or problem with namespace autoloading in composer

Hi! I installed a php library using composer via composer require evernote/evernote-cloud-sdk-php de...

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How best to share an admin between two applications?

My company has a couple of products that have backend admins that are about 95% the same. I want to...

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[Solved] blade extends used in module, and next in application controller

Hello, I have a module where I use internal module views to generate form. $form = Xforms::draw($th...

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laravel user messaging package

sorry but I'm very proud and had to share my package: it is for crea...

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7 Jan, 2015 at 04:21

Using LaravelIO for personal forum

I am looking for a laravel package to develop a forum. Can I use the source code of LaravelIO for th...

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7 Jan, 2015 at 08:35

Laravel Cashier - downloadInvoice() parameters?

In the BilliableTrait.php there is a downloadInvoice method taken two parameters. The first is the S...

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Stripe Payment

Can anyone give me a link to implement stripe payment in my project I have checked in laravel doc bu...

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Lavacharts, for the Google Chart API

Hello everyone, I recently released my first big project that I put alot of time and effort into and...

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Error after install package on Laravel 5 : Call to a member function make() on a non-object

Hey I want to use laravel 5. So I install it and everything is ok. Then I install package for mogno...

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api-guard on nginx works... on XAMPP I am getting 404 :| {I uses => windows 7}

###I followed the installation instructions and I am close but apache may be acting different with t...

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30 Dec, 2014 at 09:55

Starting Latchet server with artisan cmd - works on vagrant, not on ec2

Hi, I've set up Latchet on my vagrant box and start it using an artisan command on deployment: publi...

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BadMethodCallException in Laravel5 for every service provider in app.php

I cannot register ServiceProders in app.php. I tried these packages:

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28 Dec, 2014 at 12:09

Laravel5 breadcrumbs Call to undefined method [package] (View: .../master.blade.php)

I am using pachage My master view contains:...

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Using REST

I am wanting to hook into the expedia API and return live data as JSON or XML. Should I try to find...

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Using parsley-remote in laravel 4

Hello, I was trying to use the Parsley Remote of parsley.js. I just want to know how do i response t...

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Breaking Up Large Package - Good Ideas?

Hi, I'm working on a package (or two) and am wondering how to divide it up. My original plan was to...

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Running Migrations

hi i'm beginner laravel i have problem when i use comand composer update so i migrate table they sh...

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