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Running Migrations

hi i'm beginner laravel i have problem when i use comand composer update so i migrate table they sh...

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Entrust - Link Permission/Role to a Route

Hey guys! How are you doing? I am using Confide / Entrust in my app and I am having some issues. Act...

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[Package] Syntara, admin package

What is Syntara ? Syntara is an admin system for Laravel 4, made for user management easier. Feature...

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Routing installation standalone

Is it possible to use Routing feature just standalone? If yesm why the composer download is not divi...

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18 Nov, 2014 at 01:35

[Package] LaraEdit: IDE Package for Laravel 4 Complete with a Code Editor and Terminal

I am currently looking for ideas/feature requests to improve LaraEdit. Any input would be appreciate...

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Best way to use Stripe billing

Hi! I need help to implement Stripe billing method into my project. I have one main user table and t...

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Package config is not picked up

Hey guys I created a new package which uses config, but for some reason the config is not picked up...

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Call to undefined method. Please help :)

Call to undefined method Moltin\Cart\Cart::create(). App shopping installed. Please tell me how to r...

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Laravel 5.0 beta when?

Just want to know. Want to publish it for all.

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17 Dec, 2014 at 12:17

insert csv file contents into database

Hi,, am working on project which deals with bulk data upload into database by using CSV file. Is the...

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anyone used catalyst packages?

I'm thinking of subscribing. Anyone have any experience with their subscriber only packages??

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17 Dec, 2014 at 02:34

Can't write image data to path (Intervention/image problem)

hello, I installed this package and made a upload field. Now as I want to save the product with the...

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How to inherit Eloquent's functionality on plain PHP objects

How can I have a plain php object from a third party package inherit all the goodness of Laravels El...

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Laravel creating packages with minimal install steps to work with

I am about to undertake a project to build several components for use in future websites in Laravel...

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16 Dec, 2014 at 03:01

Autoload dynamic added classes

Hi I am creating dynamic php files outside my workbench in the laravel foler app/sites/1/models/ No...

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New Translatable Models Package

Hello community, I would like to share with you my first package laravel-translatable This is a Lara...

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Elastic search

Hi, Finally I found forum for Laravel learners. I am struggling with last couple of days for integra...

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Issue on displaying the form

Sorry guys, I am newbie in Laravel, I have just created a project using latest laravel repository pa...

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Service Providers Breaking Artisan

Some reason when I add ANY service providers to the app.php file in Laravel 5 dev it breaks php arti...

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Socialite's github repo not working with laravel 5

I am trying to follow the documentation from socialite's github repo and it is not working with lar...

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