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Anahkiasen/Former ignores state() setting

I'm trying to set the state of a field to 'error' when there is an error. To do this, I'm doing: {{...

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Good Validation Service Pakage!

I use for validator service. It is very good for me...

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Datetime Problems

Hey guys, I want to print my model's created_at value in different languages. I google'd this subjec...

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Error while image validation

hi all, if you see the below code i am trying to validate image but when i submit form i am getting...

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How to force validator to fail?

I have a ruleset for Validator, and it works as expected. However, I have to do some extra, fancy da...

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Sentry 2 authenticates without matching case

I changed login attribute to "first_name" instead of email, so now when I attempt to authe...

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validator with mime XLS fail

hi guys.. I have some problem with laravel validator,.. I just want upload my xls file, but I got th...

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Where do these validation rules belong?

Hi, I am building a user submitted video playlist and need to impose rules such as: Users can only...

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Laravel and Sentry Check if a user has access to direct

hello friends I find myself working with laravel and sentry, my situation is this: I'm working permi...

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laravel token validation

hello, I know laravel form prevent outside requests using hidden input filed called "_token&quo...

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Protect intended url

Hello I have a following scenario: If user is not logged in and he tries to open /admin route he wi...

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Easiest way to password protect online for development purposes.

I am wanting to password protect my laravel application, ideally just on the deployment server (I'm...

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Proper implementation for multiple validation

//Contact.php class Contact extends \Eloquent { protected $fillable = array('email', 'name', 'subje...

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Access Validation $errors outside a view?

In any view, $errors is always available and returns the appropriate object. However, I'm trying to...

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Having trouble testing model validation.

I'm just starting out with TDD and I'm trying to test validation in a model. Currently, all my test...

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Custom place-holder replacement

Hello guys, i have a CustomValidator->arrayfull method, and in en/validation i'm declaring : arra...

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Return user after form validation to step 2

Hello, I am busy creating a step by step application where the user have to submit stuff. In the fir...

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Validate multi models in one form

Hi all I have two table in DB : companies and shop, both of them have name fields . And I want to a...

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Update existing row with unique rule (validation fails)

Hi, first question I cant find working answer. Laravel 4.1 ###rules public static $rules = [ 'name'...

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My Test Validation shows integer values converted into strings

Hi, guys... I've been trying to do some test on validation and this baffles me. Tried the min max te...

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