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Cant populate dataset from database using ConsoleTV's chart

why i cant populate data set from my database? I can render the chart but there is no data shown. Bu...

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create count point using one to many

i want create count point using one to many, desc: tb_user : user_id | name | point tb_customer...

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Any way to work on a Laravel App online like in CodeSandbox?

Hello, World! Is there a way to work on a Laravel app online in an environment like Codesandbox? Tha...

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How to apply toastr notification when user get leveled up?

This question is about how to implement a live notification if the user gets leveled up. My leveling...

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Fullcalendar not visible.

Hello, I would like to implement the fullcalendar to my laravel project but for more than I try it d...

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How to implement google ad-sense with laravel application?

I am trying to develop an application where user will be able to upload and share video. And on the...

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A suitable Datagrid (DataTable) package for laravel

Hi guys Please introduce me to a suitable datagrid package for laravel similar to

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Return To View Afer Post Request

Hi to you all, I have a form which after it submits on a different view and return to another view l...

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Undefined variable with two View Composer

i am trying to access first_user_name which is defined in the app service provider using view()->...

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Helper function

How we can use helper functions in blade file with multiple conditions

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Make Route Model Binding for Video (Working)

Hello , I'd hoped you could help me make what I already have a little cleaner. The goal: Show a Vide...

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Pass a dropdown value directly into controller method

I have this dropdown, All I want is to pass the selected dropdown value on controller method directl...

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Laravel mail editor

Hello guys, check out this new laravel package that allows you to preview/edit all your application...

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404 after posting a form in create page.

I am trying to create a student's attendance. I have as students, klasses, attendances controllers;...

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Caching a modulary form

Hello everyone, I develop an app with Laravel. This application is used by several companies and the...

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Render view from other path in laravel 5.7

i'm building a modular system in Laravel 5 and the modules views of my system are outside from the /...

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Return specific value of array in blade file

I am facing problem in laravel I have this data in array and want to show the data specifically with...

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@extend and @section not working for new created views

@extends('layouts.master_layout') @section('master_dashboard_content') <h1>hello World</h1&...

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Proper configuration for bootstrap 4 in views, Laravel 5.7

Unable to render bootstrap 4 in views files using dependencies in head section of html. <link hre...

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Which is the default language file?

Hi again! I am looking for the default language message file. __('this text') Where shall I put the...

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