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Laravel Algeria

Hi every body, this is a Laravel Group on Facebook for Algerian developers to discuss with Amazigh/A...

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Partner ship

Anyone who wants to build the next popular app with laravel or angularjs?

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Laravel Basics

Created a pdf for beiginner in laravel after going through many websites ..........

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Laravel-specific technical debt

I'm not completely sure where to put this, so here we go. I'm putting together a talk for our local...

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LARAVEL French meetup

Hello, We are pleased to announce the upcoming French meetup

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Laracon Community Day

Hey guys I was wondering if it would make any sense to only attend the community day (28th august) f...

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From Drupal to Laravel

I want to thank the developers of Laravel for such an easy to use tool to build php apps in. Coming...

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Meetup in Copenhagen, Denmark

Hey fellow artisans in Denmark! We are arranging a meetup in Copenhagen on the 12th of June! Check i...

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Meetup Laravel France

Hi, I'm Julien from From day 1, my goal was to gather French speaking poeple...

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Just another bloody kid who likes to build creative things.

I've been learning Laravel for a while now, mostly reading a ton and watching Jeffrey Way stuff (gos...

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Cartalyst Laracon Coupon

(fist bump) to all, Hope you have day of coding well and rocking on! use LARACON2014US a 20% off for...

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Amsterdam Hackatron

Anyone going?

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I have a project created with laravel 4 and has a size of 180 Mb

Hello friends, I have a project created with laravel 4 and has a size of 180 Mb my composer.json {...

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Pass Laracon Ticket to Waiting List?

Hello, I have a ticket for Laracon that I am unable to use. Is there a procedure to have it go to so...

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Laravel Meetup in Cairo Egypt

hey guys, are there any Laravel geek here in cairo, Egypt want to set a meetup?!

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Stockholm, Sweden

Working getting a meetup group in Stockholm up and running, join if you're interested!

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Sofia, Bulgaria


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The Netherlands

Any Laravel enthusiasts that are willing to meet up?

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Where to put job postings?

The old foums had a place for gigs / job postings. I would like to see that again. Would anyone here...

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Fairfield, Connecticut

Anyone in the Fairfield, CT area?

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