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🧩 JSON Parser: parse JSON of any dimension from any source

Hello everybody, happy to share that I finally released JSON Parser, a zero-dependencies package tha...

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Laravel Passport: actingAsClient method is without guard.

Hey there, I am using a Laravel passport to check client credentials over the API. So what can i try...

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Laravel Streaming Rooms

I would like to create an application in Laravel in which users can broadcast live events through th...

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LARAVEL Scribe and LARAVEL Swagger

Hi, All. Can anyone guide me? What is major difference between LARAVEL Scribe and LARAVEL Swagger. W...

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Laravel Mix and Content Security Policy

I need to add Content Security Policy headers to an existing Laravel installation and am using Spati...

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Errors when creating a new Laravel project

I've Installed Xampp, Composer and Laravel but still, I'm having these error messages when creating...

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use php package into laravel

I am using signoz php package, which is working fine on core PHP. But it does not support official l...

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How to define eloquent relationship using parental package

I'm using parental package by caleb in my laravel project There i've two models: Intake, Trainee (wh...

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posted 1 year ago

Dynamic Open Graph Images using Laravel

We recently created a package where you can create dynamic open graph images (and the metatags neede...

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posted 1 year ago

New package: Laravel Facet Filter

I recently published a package called "Laravel Facet Filter", that helps you implement Fac...

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Cannot access into laravel telescope dashboard

I have a laravel application where i am also using vue js. Can i use laravel's debug tool such as te...

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Hi, devs, please, i have a problem with package Laravel-Markable. I can use perfectly, but, i do not...

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PDF: fill exists pdf-files

hi, I'm looking for a package with which I can fill out existing PDF files. I did find the package f...

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Payment gateway for Laravel - Iran

Payment gateway is one of the requirements in e-commerce. The following code example is a package fo...

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Collaborators needed

Hi all, I have developed a package name world which provides countries, states, cities, currencies a...

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Puppeteer and Browsershot in Laravel Vapor Docker runtime

I am trying to run Puppeteer and Spatie/Browsershot in Laravel Vapor Docker Runtime but getting foll...

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posted 2 years ago

UX: Laravel UI, Auth, & CRUD scaffolding package

I just released another UI, Auth, & CRUD scaffolding/starter kit package. This is similar to my...

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Is it possible to decrease the usage in Metered Billing Plan

Hi I am creating an appointment application where users billed per appointment, sometime the users w...

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Laravel Livewire UI: UI, Auth, & CRUD starter kit.

I recently released my latest UI, Auth, & CRUD scaffolding package called Laravel Livewire UI. T...

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UI 2.1: Create CRUD fast & easy with Livewire & Bootstrap

I just released version 2.1 of my UI package which has a CRUD command, new components, and more. htt...

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