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Laravel raw query Question?

If a $request body was passed in with the categories 9,1,7 and I try to do the following it only wil...

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Implementing Dusk and Process Continuity

I am currently working with laravel dusk. i am implementing dusk functionality on my controller. I a...

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Yesbank payment integration response shows page expire error

Yes bank payment integration response shows page expire error - 419 unknown status error. how could...

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test forum

lorem ipsum dollar

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laravel update with request wont works

can anyone help me to solve this ? i've read some related thread in many forums and google, but i ca...

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Two field in combination should be unique in Database

Hello, I need to have validation where two field in a table in exact this combination should be uniq...

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Laravel 5.6 - Need Help with Session and Middleware

Hello I have the similar problem as but i don't un...

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How do I add fields from json to my Eloquent Model?

Hi all please bare with me I am still learning Laravel/Lumen. I have created a Lumen API and created...

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posted 4 years ago

how downloading blob

hi, i have a blob on my oracle db. I saved this with insertBlob and now i want downloading this blob...

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[API Resource] Top Level Meta Data

I need to add top-level metadata to my API response, according to Laravel Documentation that possibl...

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Set cookie in middleware terminate function

Is it possible to set a cookie in the terminate function of a middleware? I have tried to create it...

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Post-Redirect-Get flow problem

In my implementation of "Post-Redirect-Get" flow for Laravel a problem appears when using...

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Storing user uploaded files on S3?

When I 'PUT' an uploaded image file in my S3 bucket, I encounter an unusual problem: The S3 file is...

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Passport - Get Request Working but POST request not working

Hi, I'm trying to use passport method for api access but its showing some http exception with post m...

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posted 4 years ago

Laravel 5.4 Upload files error

enter link description here I have attached the image file, Currently i am using Laravel 5.4 i have...

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Hi everyone, I am a newbie when it comes to Laravel and Lumen. I am looking into building an API gat...

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laravel Many To Many relationship with inner relation

I have some problem to get information about item. I read a lot of information on forums stakoverflo...

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Unique Validation based on user location

I need to register same user with same email address for different locations using unique validation...

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Save language of user in database

Hey, I want to sent SMS to user's mobile. The message should be sent in the users language. Where I...

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Is it safe to protect AJAX Routes with Auth middleware?

Hello, I'm sorry if this is redundant or not the place to ask, I don't consider myself a good code w...

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