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Protect a file manager from public

Hi guys, I'm using TinyMCE and Roxy Fileman to manage my files. The problem is that anyone can acces...

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[Laravel5] TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken

From my last composer update I can not login to my app. All I got is this error : 1/1 TokenMismatch...

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Change password using API via Passport

Hello, So, I'm using Passport and what I do need is to set a way to change the user password via API...

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Block blade function

How to block blade functions(@env, @config, @php...) except @if and loops ?

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How to develop a completely secure e-commerce website in Laravel?

I am fairly new to laravel. I have developed two small web app which doesn't require that much of at...

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GoDaddy flags PsySH as malware... anyone else seen this?

We've got a Laravel 5.4 app on shared hosting with GoDaddy, and today we got an "incident"...

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Auth::attempt() with an User relation for credential

Hi, I have this project where the client needs the user to input a document number instead of the us...

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Code Obfuscation

How can I Obfuscate my Laravel Project as I am Deploying the Project on clientside.

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Mobile App Security Best Practices For App Developers

Read this post to know about the latest mobile app security best practices for app developers which...

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Database Filters

I currently use Symfony but I am somewhat curious about Laravel. There is one feature of Symfony (Do...

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Third party tech support to diagnose, install we are third party tech support firm who make sure that our customers are sa...

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HOWTO: broadcasting, laravel-echo, laravel-echo-server and JWT

Hello Laravelites, I ran into a problem with broadcasting and using laravel-echo a few days ago. Sin...

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Laravel Basic Auth multi Tenant Method

Hi, in my Project i use the Laravel Basic Auth method. But now i need to change the auth method. The...

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Username and password in different tables?

Hey guys, i built a few laravel applications before but for a new projects i have the problem that i...

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Moving to Laravel, if I have a Codeigniter background?

Suppose I'm familiar with developing applications in Codeigniter, but now I'd like to start using La...

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I keep getting this error after updating to laravel/framework (5.1.x-dev c8ade4d) The only supported...

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Best practice

What do you think is the best practice for security regarding laravel , especially in doing permissi...

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Securing files/images.

I'm new to Laravel. In previous projects I have had files/images that I want to be accessed ONLY by...

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integrate moneris payment gateway

How to integrate moneris gatway. I am new to laravel and i have not implemented this gateway before....

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Most secure RBAC, authorization methods

Which of these do you think are the most secure: ENTRUST, LaRBAC, Gates & Policies(Laravel Docs)...

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