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Unique database for two applications

I am building two applications that are using the same database,one is a RESTful service and the oth...

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LWAP (Laravel website as package) - Guide

Hi Guys, I created my own video series along with accompanying github sourcecode for a strategy to d...

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Managing different languages in RESTapi

Hi to all. I am implementing a RESTfull application and I would like to serve the content in many la...

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What's the best way to tackle this task?

So I am creating a project that will allow my users to send a booking confirmation, booking reminder...

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Integrating Multiple Websites into single Laravel App

Currently I have 4 different websites , each having admin control panel , so I have 4 admin panel ur...

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Dynamic Menu System

Hello. I was wanting to make a Dynamic Menu System which pretty much means whatever amount of packag...

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Laravel Template creator

I want to create template for my company's website .Which are the best template creator for Laravel...

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Making a service provider but want to inject the Database service into it

So Ive learned how to make simple service providers that call a helper method from a helper folder....

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Undefined Constant in Multiple web roots hosted by one Application root

I have a question regarding configuring a laravel application to host multiple different websites us...

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Keep getting Class not found when trying to extend a class from another class?

app/Helpers Animal.php Girrafe.php class Girrafe extends Animal{.... Error: FatalErrorException in...

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Laravel mix versioning doesn't remove old built files

I am using Laravel 5.4 with mix to version my javascript and scss files. The problem is: it doesn't...

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Get lang directory absolute path

I'm working about a website that need more languages. I start the project using Laravel Localization...

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Comparing Two tables using laravel query builders using a column as reference

i want to get the result of code below in laravel query builder or better still eloquent Adding the...

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What are the best practices for optimizing the Laravel application?

Suggest me the best practices for optimizing the laravel application. I want to improve its response...

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Laravel setPasswordAttribute Override

This is a problem I've seen a few times, and it may be to a lack of understanding on my part, but it...

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Multiple classes behind one facade

Facade namespace App\Webshop\Facades; use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Facade; class Webshop extends...

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views/auth/login.blade.php on laravel 5.4

Hello people, I hope you are doing laravelous!, I am currently following some videos to learn Larave...

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Laravel edit Product, set correct selected (with many-to-many)

I have a system where a User has Shops and Shops have Products. Now a Shop can have many Products, a...

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set admin route proxy to subdomain in laravel 5.1

I would like to create, The URL router I am using is, I do n...

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Angular 2 integrate with laravel 5.4

i have problem in integrate angular 2 with laravel 5.4 can anyone help me link me if repo aveliable...

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