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Changing the url to show the title instead of an id

Hi, In the url you get something like /view/1 but I would like to to show /view/test instead, but I...

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How to get page number before pagination query?

Hi all, I get posts with the query below in pagination: $posts = Post::all->paginate(30); I want...

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Raw JSON being displayed when returning to page

I have a view that is populated in part by rendering a view and passing it back as html in a JSON ar...

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Where does Laravel store configuration for memcached session driver?

Reposting from because I have no patience. :-) -- The La...

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Pagination & Cache bug problem

hi guys There are bug on this code. Why there is bug this code? Thanks i...

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Cache::tags(...)->flush() issue: different context in Eloquent observer/event?

Hi, I'm experiencing a strange behavior in the model observer/event callbacks. I'm trying to clear t...

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Error "Call to undefined method Cache::driver()" is driving me crazy

I'm getting a "Call to undefined method Illuminate\Support\Facades\Cache::driver()" whenev...

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Cache::has() and other undefined methods

Hi, I'm trying to get Cache working, but whenever I call to any of its methods as described in docs...

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Cache Eager Loading

Hi there How I can cache Eager loading in laravel? suppose that we have this query : $today_posts =...

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Cache::get() with image data using Memcached

I'm creating dynamic PNG images from database data using Intervention/image. To decrease the process...

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Issues with Laravel Cache

I have one strange issue while using Memcached with Laravel. On my local environment I'm using Windo...

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routes.php changes not reflecting

Im new to laravel. I changed something in the routes.php, e.g. handling a new different URI, changin...

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Call/run a route from another route

I'm using a full-page cache system and I want to refresh cover and target posts proactively so the b...

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CPU spikes due to many cache files?

We recently moved our application to Laravel. This has all been going great, but we ran into one pro...

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Cache Tags on differing environments; Looking for an elegant solution

I understand why Cache Tags aren't allowed on the File Storage/Database cache drivers. However we d...

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Nothing happens when i change something in app

So i have deployed app with, and everything works fine. Then i changed routes to test if it...

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Memory on the server using laravel

Hi all. I have used Laravel 4.2 for some of their projects. However, most of the projects I use Debu...

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Persisting Global variables

I am working on my first ever Laravel 4 REST project. My basic question is how can I create a global...

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Blade caching problem? Same view is rendered, though contents is different.

Hi! I am making a newsfeed for my application using the strategy pattern because the list contains d...

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Laravel issue with crom browser

I have laravel 4.2 with Apache & Mysql. When I start my application I get blank page in crome. H...

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