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How to migrate classic php (top-down/no OO) site to Laravel

Hi everyone, newbie here. I am trying to migrate one of my old sites to Laravel so that I have acces...

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SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied

I have followed all your threads. but nothing worked for me. I'm using wamp server and i have create...

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Nginx Fails to Serve When Accessing Route

So I have a fresh web server set up with Ubuntu 18.04. I've got Nginx running with PHP 7.3 FPM as th...

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New in Laravel 5.8

I want to know the best upgraded feature of laravel 5.8 , have a ecommerce site build on laravel 5.7...

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Laravel Point of Sale

This is the proud moment for us, now we are announcing one of our key extension "Laravel Point...

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How to resolve "Whoops, looks like something went wrong"

I am new in Laravel 5. I realized that Each time I try to do a password reset. or create a new accou...

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Can't Connect to Algolia using PHP/laravel

I work on a laravel project, and I want to use Algolia search . I'm using Laravel 5.8 , PHP 7.3.2, M...

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How do I deploy the laravel web app to cpanel

I'm slightly new to laravel and managed to build a simple website using laravel. I tried to deploy t...

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Config change dinamically, effects for all users

Good afternoon people, I have a system made in laravel, multi tenancy. That is, several companies (e...

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problem with laravel and blade at the time of conditional ve

the problem is that at the time of doing the data verification it gives error controller public func...

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Timeout for API calls

How do I set timeouts for my api routes?

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Variable `hostname` in Homestead.yaml

What's the purpose of the hostname in the config file and when does it matter what the value is? I'm...

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[5.8] custom Auth::gaurd() not working as intended

I am a bit stuck using a custom login for my Admin users. I pref to use another Model for my admin j...

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Class Not Fount Exception Laravel Controller

laravel route using worng controller . how can i slove? Not Using **namespace App\Http\Controllers\A...

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Since updating to Laravel 5.6.8 my Mysql Database is being wiped out. MY phpunit.xml <?xml versio...

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Laravel Not Running on shared hosting without SSH

Hellow Everyone, Am new to laravel hence not familiar with its tweaks. I have tried and tried all go...

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I think Athena would be cool too. I couldn't find reply button on this thr...

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Swiftmailer with dynamic mail configuration

I'm trying to do something like this, (more information in coments //): use Setting, View, Mail, Con...

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Lumen hashing config

Hello everybody, I've been playing around with Lumen for a bit, does anyone know how to change the h...

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Can't populate dropdown menu with associated array.

Full Array Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 1 [label] => Home [li...

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