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17 Mar, 2014 at 10:55

TR Karakter

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "

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Form data not being saved

I have a one page form, which data needs to be saved to 2 tables - Company and User. A Company has m...

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Using lavarel in an existing website.

Hi guys i just started using laravel and i love it. I do have a problem, i want to create a contact...

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Form:model + checkbox

Hello everyone, I'm using form::model for data editing, works correct but return empty checkbox, how...

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13 Mar, 2014 at 05:57

Optional Route Parameters In Views

Hi everyone - I have a quick question on working with optional route parameters in views. I have a r...

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Table data as form input when editing a resource

I was wondering if there is any good way to treat table data as form input data. That's probably cle...

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Error Messages for custom Validation

Hey guys, I am having some trouble getting my error messages to show for my custom Validation class....

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Multi Step Forms & Best Practice

When I've made multistep forms in the past I would generally place the form data into the session so...

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Confused about relationship between routing/controllers

So it seems I don't really understand how to push actions and routes around. I have a form on the si...

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getting id from a join

i have this join statement : Item::join('buttons', 'items.cta_id','=','')->where('build...

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11 Mar, 2014 at 07:05

Answer to: How to get secure routes in form?

For some reason when a reply is posted to:

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How to get secure routes in form?

I have my routes defined in routes.php Route::any('user/list', array( 'as' => 'UserList', 'uses...

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From Model Binding with one to many relation

Hello! I've got a problem with a form which should be populated with values from my database. My dat...

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< select name="options" multiple > How to store in a array within the database

How would I store <option > 's in a mulitple select like so <select name="options" multiple...

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14 Feb, 2014 at 07:28

Form submit route handling

Hello, My application loads its first page (which contains a form) via this route: Route::get('cv/ed...

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10 Mar, 2014 at 02:40

Specifying Form::button action

Patience folks, I'm a noob. We know that the Form::submit simply submits the form using the form's a...

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10 Mar, 2014 at 02:11

Should Input::hasFile('files') work with file input arrays?

Does Input::hasFile() work with arrays? It returns false on a form I've created if the the first fil...

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9 Mar, 2014 at 12:18

2 values for radio button

Is it possible to pass 2 values for a radio button? I need to write two values to two different colu...

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Custom Error Messages

I am trying to create error messages without having to hardcode into custom array of validation.php...

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Routing for a simple search

I want to know the best and simple way to setup routing for this: I have a form that posts to /prici...

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