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App forms doesn't work after laravel project deployment

So, I've deployed a beginner laravel project and I got some problems. First, I got problem with the...

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My Website Hacked! Needs Possible Reasons and Solutions

My website is built in Laravel 8. After some time multiple fake pages were created by someone. How h...

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Survey & earn Laravel project

Is this possible to make a website where survey build from the admin and survey do from the user and...

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Update Database Field On Checked & Unchecked Of Checkbox

Hello, I Want To Update My Database Column Of Checkbox On Checked & Unchecked, Want Will Be The...

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bastinald/laravel-livewire-forms: Livewire form component Laravel Livewire Forms Laravel Livewire form com...

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laravel-bootstrap-forms: Bootstrap 5 form components Laravel Bootstrap Forms Bootstrap 5 form compon...

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How to use google location search engine in Laravel project

Hi there I am a beginner larval web developer.I am still learning. Would anyone please tell me how c...

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Form values not uploaded on submit

I use Laravel 8 inertia and vue I want to update a post and I use this component in a main vue <t...

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Proper dynamic form request refactor issue

Hello. I have issue when I'm trying refactor dynamic form validation into form request. Main issue i...

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Laravel App Front-end and Backend Validation is being bypass

Hi There, this is my first post here as I have encountered a weird issue for the very first time eve...

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Laravel Eloquent Route Problems When Editing via PUT

Gentlemen, I have had a problem for days, without getting a solution. I try to pass the route, but a...

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Laravel 6.2: The Process class relies on proc_open, which is

Hello everybody I want get website address with form POST method and show meta tags in my page. I tr...

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Checkbox validation

Hi, I have a project in Laravel 7 and my register form have two checkboxes, ¿how can validate one of...

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Change location Controllers\Auth

I make project in Laravel 7. I change location Http\Controllers\Auth to Http\Controllers*Admin*\Auth...

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Error 419 laravel de inicio de sesión en algunos navegadores

I have developed an app in Laravel, and it works correctly, except when running from apple and andro...

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unable to submit form

here is my route: `Route::post('/admin/gallery/{id}', '[email protected]')- name('gallery...

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Laravel Date Validation between two dates

Hi, I need a user to be able to only select a date between a pair of dates, but the validation hasn'...

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eror placing external javascript, ... is not function

cannot load javascript . i want to use select2 and use external javascript. but, that javascript can...

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Cannot Store Form

Can Someone Help Me with This PLease H...

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How to validate multiple check box and select.

I am learning laravel. I want to validate a form. There have two checkbox, every part of checkbox ha...

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