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Copied application is not working

Hello Community! I developed an Application with Laravel 4.1 on my Windows machine (and it's working...

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Where to put XML parser?

Hello, In my project, I have to send SOAP requests to a remote webservice. I then use the XML respon...

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How do I get the laravel framework working

Hello so I have laravel on my localhost and there is a bomb of random files which i don't fully unde...

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Questions on first install

Hi, so I followed the quick-start guide and installed Laravel into a directory called lartest direct...

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Files to copy when moving from development to productio

I am a codeigniter convert to Laravel and I am impressed by its features. However, theres is one thi...

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Make Laravel packages stable

Laravel composer want stable as minimum-stability. If I attempt to install my own package I've to se...

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__DIR__ set wrong?

Recently updated Laravel to 4.1, tried running "artisan serve" and get this error: Symfony...

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Need help with laravel routing

So I'm trying to match a simple route with laravel that looks something like /ID-OPTIONAL/OPTIONAL2/...

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Why should we use Composer? Does it matter if we don't?

Perhaps this question relates to some but not all packages. Sorry its a bit long. So many package in...

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Creating a self-contained web-app, repo/composer advice.

After a bit of searching online I think I know how to do this, but wanted to just make sure I haven'...

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Transferred my Laravel app from one server to another - I have a problem

I created my first Laravel (3.2) app awhile back on a VPS that I had. Now, the time has come for me...

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Webfaction error: failed to open stream

Hi everyone, This is my first post here, so please bear with me if anything is missing. I have been...

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public_path helper returns empty string after changing laravel directory structure

I just can't seem to get the public_path helper working after changing my directory structure. It's...

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How to install ext-gmp?

I get the following message when upgrading one of my L4.0 projects to 4.1 phpseclib/phpseclib sugges...

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Deploying to DigitalOcean via Rocketeer (or Git?)

Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out how I am going to deploy an application. I think I will be...

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Installing Laravel on a subdomain

Hi, I'm trying to install Laravel on a sub-domain. I've searched a lot of resources on Google, but s...

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Is Laravel right for me?

I am working on a personal project which I hope I can make into a full fledge app everyone can use....

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Problem with laravel authentication panel

Hello. I am new in laravel 4 framework. I was following steps of tutorial

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Best architecture for multiple applications

Hi , I was searching for an alternative framework CodeIgniter framework and found Laravel and that s...

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