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8 years ago

JOB- Offering an assignment to develop a marketplace platform

We are looking of a candidate to assist in developing a marketplace as part of an video distribution...

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ParkatmyHouse Developer Positions

Now Hiring: At we are looking to expand our small team to inclu...

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Laravel 4 + Fabricjs

Hi guys, we have a project like this site: but we are focus on our templates(busi...

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Artisan cron non functional

I have got a page which queues up emails in beanstalked. The script works as intended, the emails ge...

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Rewrite URL with Router

I wan't rewrite URL{username} for [email protected] Ext: http://exa...

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auto response email

hi all, can anyone provide me script for creating auto response email?

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Looking for Filipino artisans

Hi all, mainly those Filipino artisan. We are currently developing a site with Laravel 4 + Backbonej...

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Join and get values both tables with Eloquent

I have this query and I want make exactly this with the closure 'with' on Eloquent in Laravel. It is...

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8 years ago

Looking for help on a large project

Hi Guys, We're doing a large Laravel project for a customer and time is running out for the deadline...

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Laravel is in Demand

Hey guys I'm new to this community but not new to programming. My company, Dickson Resources, is se...

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Practice questions for Laravel Interviews

I found a site with some questions to practice for Laravel Interviews.

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Laravel Framework Setup

Hey all, Been hearing awesome things about Laravel and we're looking for a developer to help us buil...

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Albadream Engineering / Laravel developer

Hello to all people, we are a company from Switzerland, specialized in web engineering. In the past...

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Best practice to keep track of logged in time?

Hello, I am trying to keep track of how long a user is logged in for. I am kinda stumped though. I k...

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Creating a dynamic order form with multiple rows and db lookup - which fails upon saving

Hi all, Im at a crossroad now where i must realize that im looking blind at some not-working code (1...

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[Job] Retreat Guru Start-up seeking master developers -

Blue Mandala is an innovative SaaS web services company with 15 years experience developing websites...

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[JOB] Laravel Web Developer

UniPro Foodservice, Inc. has two web developer positions open at our Atlanta office. For more inform...

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Flexible Laravel (and beyond...) Job Position Available

I really love laravel and laracasts and thought this would be a great place to find a like minded in...

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