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Remote GET request

Hello, how i can use GET requests with Laravel?

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Template for page Redirecting to

Hello Guys. In my form there is an image in base64, to make a post the Laravel redirects to a white...

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Advanced ajax pagination - what to do when there is option to show 5/10/25/50 itesm per page and there are delete operations as well

Hi all. Found this: Works great. Questions: How should I...

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Get a URI that has ? in it

Hi All, Im integrating Sagepay and after successful payment it returns a url like so: /success?crypt...

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about route configuration

When i set up Laravel in my pc(windows 8), i have a problem that i cannot access another page except...

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Basic routing question for get & posts to a controller

Hi, is there a better way to be doing this? I've got a bunch of sections within a user's profile tha...

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How to clean up this code? Dynamically setting property names, eager loading, handling arrays

WARNING: NASTY PROCEDURAL CODE AHEAD. Let's say I have an ajaxified to-do list app. I have this rout...

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Same route::controller('/') with different controllers

I've been trying to organize my route like this ( Laravel 4.1 ) Route::controller('/', 'HomeControll...

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Validation exception with different results

I am creating Validation service witch throws ValidationException if error ocured. That works fine,...

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Redirect::Back() tries to return to favicon.ico

I have an app using laravel 4.1. In an edit function - which has been working fine up until now has...

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$this->beforeFilter() ordering

Hey all, Can someone explain to me how the beforeFilter() thing works? I'm running into an issue wh...

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Laravel 4 Limit number of parameters in the URL

I am trying to restrict the number of parameters in the URL depending on the controller but I can't...

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[Package] Laravel HttpCache

HttpCache for Laravel 4.1: Laravel 4.1 can easily use...

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Ajax pagination with select box to chose number of items per page

I found this: for ajax pagination. It works great. Howev...

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Detecting if script is ran from artisan or not

Hi, I have some model event listeners that I don't want to be ran when I run a migration with artis...

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What Is Laravel Throttle? Laravel Throttle is a rate limiter for Laravel 4.1. Laravel Throttle was...

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What Is Laravel HTMLMin? Laravel HTMLMin is a simple HTML minifier for Laravel 4.1. Laravel HTMLMin...

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Question about Query Strings

Hello all, first off love the new forums. Looks absolutely awesome and love the Github idea. (Who do...

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Subdomain POST requests - CSRF protection?

Hi All Firstly, I'm digging this new design for Laravel.IO - it just gets the job done so well. :) R...

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Sorting by a column of a child table in eager load and paginate

I need to display informations in a table that can be sort by columns. I'm using a eager load query...

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