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redirect_uri_mismatch oauth google login artdarek/oAuth-4-laravel

Hi I am using the artdarek oauth for google login from a website. I have written the route Route::ge...

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[Package] Laravel Debugbar

Laravel 4 Debugbar: This is a package to integrate PH...

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URL post and file upload

I would like to find out how do i received a text file that is being sent to my server using url pos...

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9 Aug, 2014 at 09:27

Get URL segments within controller index?

While I started this portion of my project using GET input variables, it would work better for the p...

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Securing routes with filter

Hi, how can I secure routes so that user can access only those departments that he belongs to? Basic...

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How to automatically generate documentation for RESTful-API

Hello :) Is there a way to automatically generate a documentation for a RESTful-API provided by a La...

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1 Sep, 2014 at 03:02

Laravel redirects for system timeout

I have a long running POST route that redirects to the same route. To test it, I use this code: http...

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Multi-page pdf using barryvdh dompdf Laravel-4 and loadView rather than loadHtml

I'm trying to create batched pdf invoices (using barryvdh/laravel-dompdf:

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Condition in routes.php?

Hey guys, what do you think about the following: Route::get('/', Auth::check() ? 'Controller\[email protected]

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31 Aug, 2014 at 03:19

How to Accress Route in another namespace?

I have a namespace like foo/bar I have added this line: use Illuminate\Routing\Route; but still get...

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Apache or something is adding an extra / in the end of any laravel route

I put the project in a folder. Then when I type in browser, it becomes Ha...

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Nginx + Laravel POST Request not found

Hello, I'm currently working with Laravel and Nginx, previously I've the Laravel Application over Ap...

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Cache::get() with image data using Memcached

I'm creating dynamic PNG images from database data using Intervention/image. To decrease the process...

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29 Aug, 2014 at 03:41

Ignoring existing files in .htaccess

Hey, I use a hosting, that doesn't allow me to upload files outside of the public directory (please...

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Why am I getting this Internal Server Error?

I have come across a situation that doesn't make much sense to me. Just as some background informat...

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SSH Output - not returning the full response

I'm running the following code: SSH::into('runtime')->run(array( 'cd /home/ubuntu', './upda...

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Uploading files with ajax dropzoe on nginx server with Laravel

Hi guys; I am pretty new to this I was wondering if this is the right way of doing it. Any tips woul...

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how to mass delete users with array

Hi, I have an array of user id that need to send back to laravel route for deletion. How should I se...

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Get Current Url Parameter

I want to get Current url parameter in vie. Let my url is Now I want g...

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Passing object array from model to layout

Hi, In my Laravel app users can send private messages to each other and I want to be able to pass a...

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