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Getting multiple Images with one request

Hi, I want to create a kind of social media platform. So I have different Posts, where each post pot...

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Laravel, Vuejs, axios get tasks for logged in user

I am trying to get the tasks of the logged in user into a vuejs component via axios but I keep getti...

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How to Set Cookies During Unit Test? (new solution)

I had the same problem working with laravel in version 5.5 presented in the thread erkanarslan, howe...

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Laravel resetPassword Mail notification not working

Hello, I am facing a stranger issue which is recover password email is not working in Application bu...

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Cors doesn't work laravel 7

Hello, I made the huge mistake of ugprading my app to laravel 7 and since then I haven't be able to...

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httpd.conf mor_rewrite

I work for an orginazation that does not allow htaccess at all. I have to configure all request thro...

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Laravel 6: Localization lost once page redirects

I am trying to setup localization in my website. But when the user click on his prefered language, t...

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posted 2 years ago

how to save array of objects in Laravel?

Hi, I am using Angular for my front end and Laravel for my APIs and backend of my project using mySQ...

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posted 2 years ago

Crud for external Api using curl

Crud for external Api using curl stuck on update if any one has used curl before kindly share .......

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Laravel Validation not working

**I only use required but not show the validation message ** public function store(Request $reques...

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[Question] Laravel based documentation

Hi guys, I'm new to this Forum, my name is Martin. This is not a Issue but just a question, if it do...

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posted 3 years ago

How to validate routing params in request ?

Hello I have a little problem with user_id param validation in request. I want to delete user from u...

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How to store 2 mobile number in single column

how store the multiple phone number for a specific user in single column table!

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HTML-Form getting opened with App

I have a strange problem with a custom webshop coded with Laravel 5.7. A few customers have a probl...

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Action Facade\Ignition\Http\Controllers\ShareReportController not defined This exception is thrown...

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Laravel API middleware not working in production server

Hi friends, I try laravel API authendicate token so i add a middleware method and check api verifica...

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Laravel session using through API

Hi friends I using Angular as frontend and laravel as backend Now i try to store a value in session...

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laravel 6 how post with ajax

This is my ajax function in the view that should be called when a select change the selected option...

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Download CSV file via RestAPI

Hello. I need help how to write: download csv via api I have laravel-bac.loc as my server. and I hav...

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Help passing an argument to a helper function in this route?

How do you pass an argument to a function in this route? I created a helper function, which I'm tryi...

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