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Foundation CSS framework dropdown menu is not working correctly

Hi, I am trying to use foundation CSS framework with laravel. Most of the things work fine. The firs...

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Default value for all Eloquent attributes

Hi, I'd need to set a default value for any Eloquent model attribute. So, for example if I try to ge...

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filemanager thread

Every company in my app has a folder that has the same name as the company name: Inside that folder...

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Laravel Pagination in eloquent ORM with()

have used pagination in laravel and that time the query is very simple. So I have manage to work on...

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Getting 'undefined method error for orderBy()' on new repository

With the help of some nice folks over on Reddit I was able to get most of my controller functionalit...

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Adding Select statement to ORM

Retrieving A Record By Primary Key $user = User::find(1); var_dump($user->name); Is there anyway...

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Blade Nesting

What I want to do is @include(@yield('layout')) which I can't do because it is most likely nesting p...

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Problem with returned statements in Route

Hi I have a strange problem on a parallel plesk. everything work's fine on my local apache but after...

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how to get direcory names list without full URL path.

I have a list of directories. controller code: 'directories'=> File::directories('filemanager1/c...

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how to use the data inside the event

app/filters.php App::before(function($request){ $sys_message = DB::table('u_message')->where(...

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How to configure multiple models,views controller folders

I have the following set up that I want to try to perform: App    Sitename   - Admin (sitename/admin...

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Load different template on different request

I do have 2 different on my pages but I would like to load in different situation, for example when...

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Compiling or pipelining Sass assets

I need a comprehensive guide on how to do it. I already tried LaravelGuard from Jeffrey Way (which d...

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Routers menu

Hallo, Can someone help me? i would like to make simple static website, i created menu using routers...

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Yup I give up.

I gotta give up. I don't want to, but I got to, because trying to learn Laravel with very very limit...

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Advanced ajax pagination - what to do when there is option to show 5/10/25/50 itesm per page and there are delete operations as well

Hi all. Found this: Works great. Questions: How should I...

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Ideas on how to handle form with files

Hi all. I am thinking on how to deal with form handling which contains files and which can be submit...

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Return more than one variable to Theme?

Hey Guys, I have a little question. How can I display more variables than one? My code is the follow...

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[macro] Form::select() with optgroups based on model's field

Suppose you have a simple products table: id | name | category ....................... 1 | prod1 |...

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About MVC in Laravel

Hello there, i'm new in laravel, also in MVC development and i want to ask for suggestion about the...

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