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3NF database design ( And Conditions )

I have a 3NF design (Tag , Item_Tag, Item) As below but it wont work because i'm looping the same ol...

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Meta Data store suggestion

I am trying to create an application that would store lots of meta data for a user and the same meta...

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How to create chain method and add to "Facade"?

Dear all, I want to create chain method like: 1- like View View::make(....)->with(...).... // mus...

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Overwriting Eloquent::create with additional parameters

Hey, I just watched Coding with intent and tried to apply some of the ideas from the episode. I hav...

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how to show custome error pages, 400, 404, 500

how to show custome error pages, 400, 404, 500 read the docs but still couldn't get the hang of it.....

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creating ServiceProvider for package without it

Hello, I would like to create Service provider for package vendor/package (psr-0), I know with updat...

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can I deploy my app based on Laravel framework in my shared virtual space?

as you know, I am using the virtual shared space which support php apps, so I can not install php li...

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Controller Testing - Repositories Design Pattern

I am new to unit testing, and testing at all... I am trying to follow the repository implementation...

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Mysql read replicas

Hi guys, I'm new to laravel. This is a great framework. I'm ran into an issue that I don't know how...

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URL naming

I'm a bit sad Laravel uses camelCase. Underscore makes so much more sense since it can be used in UR...

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what is the correct way to create an Utility class?

Hi all, As the title tells, how can i create an Utility Class where the functions are visible from m...

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Proposal for documentation

Hi, I'm a beginner with laravel and i had two really big difficulty with the documentation and then...

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best practice tip for Custom pagination - paginating items from 'unpaginated' location and appending and modfying link, .

For most pages, I would just need the standard bootstrapRender and paginator result but for some pag...

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Workbench package dependencies installing in workbench directory...

I'm developing a package in the workbench, and when I require a few dependencies in the package's co...

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Relationships in repositories

Hi! Recently I was using a bit of repositories and one thing I am really curious about is how to imp...

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Laravel and Google AppEngine datastores

Hi, I would like to know if someone could use Google AppEngine datastore API for PHP in a Laravel ap...

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posted 9 years ago

Where to process huge data in Laravel/PHP application

We have PHP web application where the user is doing minimum data operations. This is developed using...

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How to get belongsToMany items when using AngularJs

Hello , I have belongsTo-hasMany relationship between my post and author model.My posts index route...

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One model and multiple tabels

Can one model manage multiple tabels? I have Image class and 3 type of users(for each user i have o...

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Eloquent/DB design for draft/live content

I have a CMS/app setup where an admin can make changes, but the changes are only temporary/drafts un...

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