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wrong redirect

hello reading tutorial I have a problem with Red...

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Vagrant shows 404

Hi; I can vagrant ssh, connects me to box no problems. When I go to I get pag...

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Doing social authentication, the IOC (dependencyInjection) way.

I am going to implement multiple social auth (facebook, github...) options for a website. I have alr...

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Twitter api OAuth request with app-only authentication ?

I am using artdarek/oauth-4-laravel for OAuth. Twitter's Api v1.1 has some nodes which can be access...

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login with google account

Hello! I am making an app with laravel 4 and I should do login with google account. I have successfu...

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google account login for the first time displays error

Hello! I am trying to login the user with google account in my application. I am having a problem wh...

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How i can apply filters in my project

I just started laravel and going through the docs to get acquainted with the framework i just cant s...

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Auth Basic works local but not in server

I created table and the basic authentication works fine locally but when I uploaded to the server ev...

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Mail credentials

Hi, I am trying to send mails with custom credentials. Thought this would be something very easy, bu...

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Authentication with two different tables

Hi, I've got two sites - a cms and a front-end site. I've successfully implemented the login/authen...

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Session Database and javascript web app

I am using session database to authenticate API calls from javascript web app via https Does bellow...

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Session Mechanism not Working after upgrade to 4.1

Hello All, We are working on one web app in which we are using AngularJS+Laravel 4. All works fine w...

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Stateless HTTP authentication not working properly

I'm trying to do a stateless HTTP login for my RESTful API using Auth::onceBasic() I've tried the so...

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Unit testing using basic.once auth filter

I'm attempting to build a RESTful API using stateless authentication. However, I'm having trouble un...

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unable to login users Auth::attempt($user) always return false. Please help

i create a simple registration from that takes the email and password to login in users after regist...

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Simple voting system with Laravel 4 ?

I have 2 models: Question and Answer with a votes integer field. I already created the ajax request...

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Unable to set the remember me cookie expiry date in laravel 4.1.28

Background: I was Using laravel 4.0.x , and resetting the remember_me cookie expiry date to 1 month...

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Laravel 4 and PayPal

Hi, I am building a small webshop and I would like to use paypal to make the payments. I have been l...

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Auth Filter Issue

Hi All, First time posting. I've been using Laravel for about a year now and developed an app in La...

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