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Laravel API - NextJS Starter Kit cant login / authenticate

Hi, i am having trouble with sessions in laravel api with sanctum deployed on railway, authenticatin...

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Laravel - Passkeys - 1Password - Passage

We got an already built React front, Laravel back webapp, using Sanctum. We need to integrate Passag...

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Change login with email by other field

Hi guys, i have a login system created with laravel, by default the fields of login are: email and p...

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Target class [InscriptionController] does not exist.

I've got this bug : Target class [InscriptionController] does not exist. While this controller do ex...

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Error login in using Linkedin with Socialite

After entering linkedin credentials it shows - ( after five session it shows...

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Error with Jetstream Multi Auth Implementation

Hi i have some problems with jetstream with multiple auth, i flw this tutorial

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Laravel Passport

I am using Laravel Passport to request a token using authorization code. $body = [ "grant_type&...

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ac32bitappserver.dll find error

Hey there, It's been almost a week since I am having an issue regarding ac32bitappserver-dll missing...

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Laravel connect to msql server error with: SQLSTATE[01002]

I have create project Laravel connection with Sql Server database over my Windows PC, Everything wor...

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cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local

I uploaded some files to my laravel project on the server, it gave some target class errors and trie...

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broadcasting auth on custom guard using Laravel passport

Getting 401 Unauthorized on broadcasting/auth for presence channel Note: Same middleware I'm using o...

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Is there any ready-made solution or code available

IN Laravel : Is there any ready-made solution or code which includes common area for project (for a...

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Authetication in magodb using Auth::gaurdman

Auth::guard('staff')->attempt($Auth_data) How to validate the mango db collection fields in the a...

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Laravel G-suite authentication

I have successfully implemented an auth system using Breeze in my application, and it's working perf...

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Html is not rendering in iframe in laravel

I am not able to display page content in iframe from other site. As I checked in the laravel at ther...

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How can I add a theme piker to this Laravel 8 blogging app?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. The application supports themes. In a nutshell,...

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Laravel Streaming Rooms

I would like to create an application in Laravel in which users can broadcast live events through th...

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laravel + sanctum, SPA authentication and testing it

Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a small SPA using vue.js and laravel sanctum. I did everything ac...

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Where to store token in Authenticatable::setRememberToken()

When a user logs in, there is a token associated with that login. I've seen code that stores that t...

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Laravel Sanctum Angular Authentication 419 error code

I'm trying to setup an authentication system using Laravel Sanctum and Fortify for the back-end and...

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