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Database schema advice for a complex eCommerce app

Hey folks, I graduated recently and my project was an eCommerce Product Vendor app. Basically, the a...

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Builder getModel() generating bad query for relationships

Hello, I'm running into an issue while trying to build a dynamic query for a relationship. When usin...

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Let's talk about using Laravel with MongoDB

Hello all, I'm Hubert Nguyen, a MongoDB developer advocate. Before this, I owned a popular WordPress...

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How to upgrade Sqlite to the latest version

Hello everyone, At this moment, I am running phpunit tests, using Sqlite database engine, which its...

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posted 2 months ago

Laravel 10 with MariaDB 10.6

I want to upgrade to Laravel 10.x which requires MariaDB 10.10+. But my hosting currently supports v...

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How to display Categories and Subcategories with my code

I have this category table, and I want to display the main categories and subcategories on the front...

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I am willing to pay for these custom plugins.

Hello I have purchased a laravel restaurant template and I want to implement some custom modules....

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Need help about a form. Want to add a custom input field

Need help about one of my laravel project's form. I want to add a custom field and update it in my d...

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Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: Y

Hi everyone, I’m having an issue with my Laravel application where I’m getting the following error m...

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Laravel v7 - Data Table

I have made a E-commerce WebApp where you can order food online and pay. The orders arrive on the Or...

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Query Builder Sql timeout

Hi, I have one big problem with query. I have a SQL that extracts approximately 20 records from a DB...

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Laravel Eloquent - Repetitive IDs in the IN clause when eage

Environnment OS: Windows 11 - WSL2 (Ubuntu 20.04) PHP: 8.1 Stack: Laravel 9.22 | InertiaJS | Vue3 Da...

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Ho can i store associative array value to DB?

$authid = Auth::user()->id; $tblAptServices = $request->except('userName', 'userEmail', 'u...

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posted 8 months ago

DB connection fail

I am deloying a website on a Linux server . Ubuntu 22.04 64, PHP 8.1, mysql 8.0.32-0ubuntu0.22...

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PHP Redis PConnect Issue

Hello everyone. First time here! I am a frontend guy trying to run a small web dev business and I ha...

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Visual data modeling tools?

Hi All, pretty new to Laravel, looks pretty neat so far, but I was wondering if there are any openso...

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How I Can store checklist

Hi i have a card that contains fields such as task details and estimated hours When i try to write c...

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Delete button Won`t delete all data

I have a delete button and it works very well but i can delete just the images in the project and i...

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Delete button wont work

I have a delete button and edit buttons in list view the edit button works very well with me but whe...

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Boolean Value Not Updating Back To Zero

I am having a weird issue where a boolean value is never updating back to false or 0. Its for an ope...

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