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Change Laravel Mass Action drop down menu items value

I have this code of my CRM which is working fine, but the drop-down menu is showing the user ID inst...

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Set Laravel Octane base URL as subfolder

Hello, I have currently a weird setup, my Laravel Octane listen to and I have an ngin...

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posted 3 months ago

'public' in Laravel url

I am working on a Laravel project. And I want to remove 'public' from the url. How to remove it?

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Regarding the modules routing not working

Routing that I have created:- Route::prefix('user')->group(function() { Route::controller('users'...

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Trying to get property 'charge' of non-object

Hello everyone, Please Kindly note I'm getting this error "Trying to get property 'charge' of n...

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Need Help with adding a mass update to current CRM

Hello, I am trying to add another mass update function to a current open source CRM code. I want to...

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Simplest way to create new page directly in front-end

I want to have a function that lets admin create new page with routes and everything without hard co...

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posted 7 months ago

How to create a category service and service route ?

Hi Team ! I just wanna have a route like this : /{category_service_slug}/{service_slug}

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posted 9 months ago

Laravel 8: Storing custom route attributes

What is the most simple way to store custom attributes such as page titles or other key value pairs...

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custom domain use for users in a sinle project

How to use custom domains in Laravel? How to give different domains to different users in a project?...

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API | controller | input value in function index

in my API project, i have a controller 'AccountController' I have to use the index function to retri...

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posted 1 year ago

Laravel routes

Hello all, I'm using laravel 7, as for now I'm creating the routes of my project but whenever I try...

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Routes and parameters

I have the following doubt: I would like to have routes with the following form. In the main route h...

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posted 1 year ago

laravel versions

laravel 9.0 y older version laravel5.5 route is not supported for e,g laracontroller@method is not...

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prevent loading subdomain when using www

I have a Laravel project, where i am managing domain and subdomain altogether. That domain and subdo...

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How can I make Blade variables "global"?

I am working on a Laravel 8 blogging application with articles, categories and comments. The goal I...

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I want to shorten the routing file Api

Excuse my strange English. I originally touched Codeigniter and started Laravel 8 about a week ago,...

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Move routes jetstream

Hello, I'm a PHP programmer but I'm starting in Laravel. I recently saw some videos on Youtube about...

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Post Method Not Working

Dear Sir/Mam, I have developed my software code in Laravelframework8, same i have uploaded the sourc...

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posted 1 year ago

sub domain routing

i recently setup subdomain routing in my local dev env and it works fine but when i move the code t...

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