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Sentry 2 authenticates without matching case

I changed login attribute to "first_name" instead of email, so now when I attempt to authe...

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Filter in Controller.

Hi, this works fine // route.php Route::get('nuovo-utente', array('before' =>'guest','as'=> 'u...

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Logout problem, Auth::check() still returns true after Auth::logout() and Session::flush() call.

Hi there, I'm using Laravel 4.1.26 with the following app::before filter: App::before(function($requ...

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Website hack

Dear Friend I would like to inform all the who work as website developer that now in my country (Cam...

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how to handle authentication for api of android and iphone apps

I found how to perform verification of users while they are registerd to the site, simply sending th...

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laravel token validation

hello, I know laravel form prevent outside requests using hidden input filed called "_token&quo...

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how to check user authentication is online/offline?

I want to check which users is online or offline. Pl help.

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What, When Encryption Key in Laravel?

I don't understand what, when Encryption Key in Laravel? Pl help me.

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Protect intended url

Hello I have a following scenario: If user is not logged in and he tries to open /admin route he wi...

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Searching database via URL params

I have a need to search the database of my site based on a URL. Since i am not near my local server...

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Missing Class

I'm following the posts on the following thread:

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AdLDAP with CCovey's package, Auth::check() returns false after Redirect

Hi, I seem to login fine, i.e. Auth:attemp returns true, and within the controller itself Auth::chec...

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LDAPS Authentication

Are there any modules out there that work with LDAPS? Looking for a secure way to use our Active Di...

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[HELP] Laravel 4 Error...

I'm new in Laravel 4. and currently I'm having problems with it for folder location. 1st PROBLEM htt...

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How to setup visibility per user

Hi, description of my problem: I have departments,projects and tasks. Users are invited/assigned to...

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Can access User model method only if logged in

I have a User model with a little hom-made "roles/permission" system. Directly in my User...

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HTTPS definition in routes.php

I have a questions about https requests: The example in the official Laravel4 docs doesn't work in m...

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eloquent auth driver users and admins in same table?

ok so I'm looking to create a system with users and admins, who will be separate. ideally i don't wa...

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specifying table in model is not working

Hi, i tried to set table in User model like this 'protected $table = 'users_account'; ' but its...

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Two Auth filters

Hello I'm developing an application which have user area and admin area. I already created user area...

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