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How Do I Cache Using Eloquent Models?

Hi! I'm new to Laravel, and I have a problem with caching rows using Eloquent. I'm currently retriev...

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Database caching not working ?

Hello, I made a website that allow users to post pictures. Each user's page propore pulique his phot...

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Article: The art of using Repositories in Laravel 5.3

I've just published a new article titled "The art of using Repositories in Laravel 5.3" Ho...

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Share data between different controller action methods

Is there a way to share data between different actions in a controller? I run the same queries in th...

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Language change problems.. (not refreshing/translating) Please HELP

Hi. We have strange problem with our site developed by others we have no contact any more and need t...

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Clearing out compiled classes

I am running a Laravel application on Forge and have run into an odd issue when auto deploying my co...

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Session are not persisting in staging environment

Hello Laravel.IO, This is my first post to these forums and I'm still new to laravel, worked with it...

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Extending caching mthods

Hello, I am realy new to Laravel so appologies if what I am doing is totally crazy and if any of the...

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Do something when session expire.

Hello guys, I just wanna know if it's possible to update a table on the DB when the session lifetime...

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Session Permissions Issue

The Problem I'm getting a Permission Denied on every single page coming from: ErrorException in File...

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artisan clear-compiled

Hacing a big headache bugfixing this. The Waavi\Translation\TranslationServiceProvider was registere...

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Another problem only with Chrome

Hi guys,.. today i've an error yet with Chrome.. This is the message that i see when i try to load t...

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Cache/Carbon problem under HHVM

Laravel 4.2 HHVM 3.6.1 (Ubuntu 14) Getting an ugly problem filling up log files using HHVM using any...

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Queuing/throttling client apis that are throttled

I am working on a project that involves accessing client apis on their behalf. these apis have thro...

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use facades laravel framework reported some error

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Illuminate\Support\Facades\xxx::xxx() <?php namespace App\...

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Query filter

HI everyone! Recently I read this article

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Laravel environment variables

Hi, when I would get a variables from .env file using env() function, always returns null. I tried c...

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Caching and not caching little parts blade

Hi, We'll start on a new laravel project within a few weeks, and need some thought from you about ca...

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Laravel benchmarks package for Session/Cache/DB/Redis

I threw together this quick-n-dirty script for my own use, but decided to package it up to share. Th...

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How to get a list of posts and check if the user already "Liked" them?

I'm having fun with Laravel framework trying to build a little "blog" site that works the...

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