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Integration package with CKEditor, for dynamic photos!

Dynamic Photo is a package to assist in integration with CKEditor, a powerful WYSIWYG. With the pack...

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migrate error

Hello, I have started my first Laravel 7 project. If I want to start a database with it I get an err...

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Cors doesn't work laravel 7

Hello, I made the huge mistake of ugprading my app to laravel 7 and since then I haven't be able to...

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Avoid global scope for cookies

I'm currently working on a website with a main domain and sub-domains like this: dev....

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Post detail page is not indexed in google

Hi there my name is Zia, I'm new in this channel I have built a blog in Laravel, but...

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unable to navigate to a route

So I finally got my laravel project on my hosting server at ionos:

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Send plain-text notifications

I would like to send notification emails with only plain text. But every email is send with the Cont...

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How to create a secondary connection to another DB

Hi there . I have two databases (Master) and (Slave) how can I configure l...

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How do you include custom JS in app.js?

Hey there! Title is the basics of the question. From Laravel 5.8, I have a /resources/js/plugins fol...

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httpd.conf mor_rewrite

I work for an orginazation that does not allow htaccess at all. I have to configure all request thro...

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Laravel 6 - Change routing url

Hi. Im fairly new to Laravel, running version 6 atm. I have made a working feature that any register...

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Display google favicon and entity in img source in Laravel

looking for solve my issue. i do a edit on a laravel site, but i cant call back the site url (entity...

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Local setup not working

Hello, I have inherited a site from another developer that is working perfectly on the production se...

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Model versioning

Hey everyone, I have a question. How do you handle versioning and breaking changes (Especially datab...

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Which environments are available in .env?

From Laravel's documentation you can see that there are local, staging and testing environments. I g...

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Deployment issue on shared hosting

Hello, I understand that deploying a Laravel app on shared hosting is not recommended but tried it t...

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Get image properties in laravel

Hi, I am using laravel 5.8. I want to get description, title, tag and other properties from uploaded...

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Add PHP SDK To Laravel Project

One on My Client Use Unifonic Company SMS Getway to send OTP. Unifonic will provide PHP SDK => ht...

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How to implement ElasticSearch DB in Laravel framework(PHP)

We have a one project implemented in Laravel framework(PHP) with Mysql database as backend. Now the...

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how to optimize frontend environnement with vuejs ?

Hi, The command "npm run watch" is pretty good but absolutely not suitable for the develop...

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