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installation issue on Ubuntu 18.04 (DB name seems incorrect)

Hello, I followed all the steps outlined in the following two links:

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Laravel runInBackground Commands Kills Server

Okay. Here my problem. I have command which i setup to run in background every one minute to not ove...

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Design color explanation Template

Hello, I have download a template from

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Display data from one or multiple category on Laravel CMS

I`m trying to display data on a blog page side but instead to fetch all the posts in all categories,...

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Database issue

Illuminate\Database\QueryException : SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused (SQL: select * from...

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Action Facade\Ignition\Http\Controllers\ShareReportController not defined This exception is thrown...

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Laravel 6.x: can not display the image file

I successfully uploaded file in storage : here is rhe storage image: Storage pic I tried to setup p...

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Guzzle postAsync with api calls

I am using Guzzle 6 to update products to shopify via API. I am using async post method to upload pr...

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php artisan serve works but page keeps reloading

I installed fresh laravel 5.8.35, and run the following commands install npm php artisan make:auth...

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Package phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects is abandoned, you shoul

I am going to install ConsoleTVs/Charts in Laravel 5.4 version with PHP(Version 7.3.6) but I have fa...

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Hello there! I am building a laravel project in which I have

I deployed my project on live server by creating subdomain on cpanel. And put my pro...

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Spark registration flow

I'm looking at using Spark for a new project but I'm not that keen on the current registration proce...

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The requested URL was not found on this server

Good day. I had a working laravel app on the server. After editing my .htaccess file not to display...

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How rename event channel "laravel_database_channel"?

I need help. I set up Laravel-echo server, redis (in docker) to send Event through webscoket. And my...

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Laravel-API using session issue

I use Laravel Framework 5.8.29 - in backend(API) Angular-js - in Frontend So My issue: I use session...

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Laravel category

Hey, guy, I have a larval script website- I want Add Text Only This Category...

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Laravel returns “No input file specified.” after vhost edit

I recently installed a fresh copy of Laravel onto this test domain - using...

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Here I want to learn laravel more flexibly.

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Calling a model function from a controller

use App\Authentication; Route::get('authentication/test', function(){ $auth = new Authentication();...

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