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php artisan migrate - No connection could be made

Hello. I'm learning Laravel using Homestead. I'm following the "Laravel 6 From Scratch" vi...

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Laravel 6 - Dinamically set DB Connection on model - problem

Hello, On my project, every user has his/her own database, so, to mass assign forms I need to set th...

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Problem with laravel relations and latest, paginate

hi everyone, im have some relations in my DB and heres the relatin i'm working with: $category = Cat...

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Sql Server Date format issue

Hello, First of all I'd like to say that I have no other choice but using SQL Server ( and IIS as we...

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Model versioning

Hey everyone, I have a question. How do you handle versioning and breaking changes (Especially datab...

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Laravel Query

Hi Guys I have three tables in my database customer, sales, payment . A customer can have many Sales...

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Eloquent Has with multiple databases

I'm experiencing trouble with a relationship (5.7). I do have data separated in two databases, which...

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Two table authentication

Two table authentication using passport for customer api and admin api

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An intelligent alternative of Laravel Database Migrations

Hi I'd like to introduce an intelligent alternative version of Laravel 5/6 Database Migrations Featu...

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hasOneThrough on one table

Hello, I'm trying to set up a hasOneThrough relation on one table. But Eloquent will not look it the...

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Azure AD Authentication in Laravel

I am trying to add Authentication with Azure AD to my Laravel-5.8 Web Application. Currently, I have...

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How to add table values by grouping by month

I need to sum values from my table but grouping month by month. Someone can help me?

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Laravel Forge Database not Connecting with Sequel Pro

When I connect to my Laravel Forge server via Sequel Pro, it just sits there saying Connecting... Bu...

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CRUD update with button from blade

Is it possible to update DB withoud edit form, just to generate random entires or set your own in co...

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External PHP include in laravel

Hi.. I have my external php script for login. How can i add in laravel framework.

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Trying to implement multi tenancy (DB)

Hello Folks, My dev and I are trying to implement (DB) multi tenancy in a CRM and we are having issu...

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Customized user database

Hi, I'm totally new in with this wonderful Laravel. I'm using Laravel 6 and customized user database...

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Constrain Eager Loading on Polymorphic Child (5.8)

I've gotten myself in a pickle trying to load records owned by a user with eager loading. I know I c...

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How to implement ElasticSearch DB in Laravel framework(PHP)

We have a one project implemented in Laravel framework(PHP) with Mysql database as backend. Now the...

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how to use ServiceProvider boot function? Laravel 6.0

I used two classes here they are : Schema::defaultStringLength(150); View::share('channels',Channel:...

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