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posted 2 years ago

Not able to make a database connect using Eloquenteloquent

The following command is not creating a record in my database: $person = Person::create($_REQUEST);...

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whereYear with timezone

Good morning everyone, i have a small problem with the "whereYear" query. In the backend t...

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could not find driver, laravel6, SQL server 2008 R2

Hello it's already been 1 week I'm struggling to connect to my sql server with the laravel framework...

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morphedByMany "manipulates" column if it starts with "pivot"

Hi everyone I'm encountering a problem, morphedByMany relationship "manipulates" column on...

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Is my responsibility to add User [from the social media data Using the Social Sign-in in a Laravel 8.x App/Site Is my resp...

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Hasmany With Sum but Whats The Variable Name?

Invoices Model: public function items(){ return $this->hasMany('\App\InvoiceItems','invoice_id','...

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Live Video Streaming using Laravel

I want to do a live video streaming for one of my gaming tournament platform where user can join the...

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I want to add items to OderItems

I want to add product_id, order_id, Price, Quantity to Order_items tables when customer click confir...

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Implement messenger chatbox

I would like to implement messenger chatbox using laravel as back-end and angular as front-end using...

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posted 2 years ago

How is this query in Laravel

This is my code: $receptions = Reception::where('hotel_id', $hotel_id) ->where('payed', 1) ->w...

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i nedd help

Hello I am working on an application, I would have to save a photo ID but when I click on the save b...

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Foreign key column vs belongsTo

VendorProduct belongsTo a single Vendor. To find or assign a Vendor to a VendorProduct, must the Ven...

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Laravel Response deleted_at

deleted_at when there is a null response "delsoseted_at": "1969-12-31 18:00:00",...

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How to call stored procedure using laravel and send mail?

Hi, I am beginner of laravel and MYSQL AND i wanted to call my stored procedure and pass the data to...

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get all numbers are not in use

Hello, i try to explain my Problem. I have 2 Tables in relationship shootingbooks and shootingranges...

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posted 2 years ago

Join relationship just like it is with "->with"

I'm a little confused why Builder::join couldn't be similar to Builder::with to join tables.. To be...

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Move to a new server with keeping the users logged in

Hello, I want to migrate my app from a server to another one and keep the users logged in. I am usin...

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Get rows only if relation exists (Laravel Nova)

Hi I am trying to make a filter in laravel nova that allows me to select items that have a relation....

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posted 2 years ago

Adding table on running site

What is the process to add tables on database of a running site ...da

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How to properly store checkbox array

Hello I have a form on which I display 6 checkboxes numbered 1 to 6. They represent the classes a st...

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