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composer question related to uninstall

Hi, I just read the usage documentation at but I didn't find any information on how...

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Call to undefined method “Builder::getAfterFilters” while upgrading to Laravel 4

I try to upgrade from Laravel 3 to 4 but i get this error everywhere : Call to undefined method Illu...

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Can I run Laravel class in Eclipse

Dear all, I try to integrate Laravel into Eclipse. And I want to step the Laravel class function in...

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!!Urgent!! Laravel Installation Nightmare

This is frustrating!! I have been trying to install laravel since last two days and every time i end...

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Getting an error when creating a new L4 app. php-pecl-zip extension is installed.

Suddenly this starts happening when using the laravel .phar installer. The application doesn't get i...

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Best technique for a Laravel Boilerplate/Scaffolding? (Yeoman? Packages? other?)

I'm using Laravel for a year now and really love it. I'm using it for my job and now, a year passed...

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Laravel on Intranet without internet conection

I want to install Laravel 4 into a Intranet Server and there's no internet conection on it. All the...

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View [usr.login] not found.

Hi, I am new to laravel and I am happily deploying an RC version of my first app in a preproduction...

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New installed laravel in subfolder always shows Error 500 Internal Server Error

Hi, This is my first time posting here. I tried to find solutions for this issue for many days. The...

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CKEditor installation using Composer and simple example

Hello I installed CKEditor using composer, but now I don't know how to use since I can't find js fil...

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“Could not find package with version stability=dev.” Using Satis private repo

Not sure if this is the right place to post this as it's more of a composer/Satis issue but maybe so...

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Installing on Windows OS

I read about the Laravel framework and I really am interested and want to install it. However, when...

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Installing Laravel in a subfolder?

I am in the process of rewriting a site(doesn't use any framework) to laravel. For now my first task...

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Using Zurb Foundation (5) inside Laravel 4

Hi, I'm pretty au fait with Foundation, but well ropey with Laravel (or any PHP Framework), and not...

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Caution - PHP 5.4 may not be supported by your hosting

Just a Caution to people planning on developing and deploying your Laravel apps. PHP 5.4 may not be...

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Laravel With CouchDB

Hi guys, I'm developing an application that requires the use of a noSQL base,(CouchDB prefered). I k...

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Why does the install folder needs to be completely empty when installing via composer

I'm currently trying to refactor an old project of mine with laravel. I currently have a private git...

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Apache serves a PHTML file when I try to open my laravel app

I am running Ubuntu 12.04, and I have Apache2 and PHP 5.5.9 installed and the MyCrypt module as well...

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Using lavarel in an existing website.

Hi guys i just started using laravel and i love it. I do have a problem, i want to create a contact...

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Installing laravel 4 but disconnect

Hi, I just want to ask...If you instal laravel by issuing the command "composer create-project...

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