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Local Routes on server after deployment..

My problem is that i tried to upload my project to the server (using filezilla uploaded the whole th...

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Default mount system Homestead on Windows slow

Hi guys, First, I'm French, and sorry for my bad English ;) Well, I starting learn Laravel ~1 month...

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Blank page on my server

I'm trying to view my pages on my sever. When I installed laravel on my server I could access the we...

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Laravel Teams Problem

Hello, I have a Problem i will create Teams for Users Amateur, Community etc. I have create Migratio...

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Laravel Passport Invalid credentials grant_type - Password

I am having difficulty setting up Passport in Laravel 5.6. The first time when I followed this tutor...

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Why my cron job laravel 5.3 not working on localhost?

I using windows My code on \app\Console\Kernel.php is like this : <?php namespace App\Console;...

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InvalidArgumentException: Unable to locate factory with name [default] [App\Company].

Here's what my very simple model looks like: <?php namespace App; use Illuminate\Database\Eloqu...

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Laravel DigitalOcean tutorial

Is there a detailed video tutorial on how to use DigitalOcean and set up Laravel on it and point to...

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How to move Laravel Project from localhost to production server

I just created a simple Laravel Application. I now would like to move to production (shared hosting)...

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Laravel 5 package class not found

I know L5 isn't even in alpha yet, but that shouldn't stop us from playing with it. :) I created a n...

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Import an existing MySQL database

Hello, Just beginning with Laravel and i'm wonder if it's possible to import an existing database (s...

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Corrupted files after clean install

Hi, After using the command: "composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog"...

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Domain Not Directing Correctly

I've installed Laravel 5 on CentOS 7 with ease. Made .htaccess changes and and generated application...

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Laravel Mix doesn't grab/read .env.development file

In my root folder I have 2 files .env and .env.development. When I run build in development mode lar...

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Out of Memory on Package Discovery

Somehow I cannot do a package discovery cause it runs out of memory, I did not have this issue on a...

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Class 'Cartalyst\Sentinel\Laravel\SentinelServiceProvider'

Hello everybody, I don't have any problem running my app locally, I have cross checked my code thoro...

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Fresh Laravel install deletes server.php on artisan serve

I'm a bit fresh to Laravel. I installed it via composer in the xampp/htdocs file. I installed the la...

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Laravel : Use of undefined constant MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 -

I'm trying to install laravel in a local windows device's, at it is impossible at all: I had been fi...

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error installing Homestead - Timed out while waiting for

Hello Guys , I am trying to install the homestead in my machine ( Windows 7 ) . Vagrante version - V...

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Subdomain authentication

Hello, I've got this problem with the Auth::user() object not working properly when using subdomains...

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