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The requested URL /login was not found on this server (.htaccess problem)

So, i am having this weird problem, which i tried to rectify via net searches, but nothing has worke...

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Error installing my composer

Am new to this, am just trying to install composer and i keep getting this error below. Someone plea...

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Having Trouble Installing Popper.js to Laravel 5.6

In my application, the dropdown is not working. I found out I have to have popper.js installed. I tr...

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How to install Laravel on a Hostgator shared server

There are a lot of wonderful guides out there on installing Laravel on a shared hosting service. How...

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Manually install Laravel/Composer packages?

I've got some Laravel packages from @Cartalyst (I have a subscription). I've downloaded the package...

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Howto: Laravel 5 on Microsoft Azure

Hi there, I've created a little howto for Laravel 5 on Microsoft Azure. Maybe it's useful for someon...

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failed to open stream: Permission denied

i tried to install elastica using composer on my system i used the command composer require ruflin/e...

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CMS suggestion

Hi Maybe a little bit opiniated question but I want to hear your suggestions and advices on the good...

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How to configure Laravel to use SwiftMailer / smtp driver behind a proxy?

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I might be able to configure Laravel / SwiftMailer to prope...

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TokenMismatchException error with PHPUnit after upgrade

I just upgrade from Laravel 5.3 to 5.4 then I move to 5.5. After that, I wrote this test: /** @t...

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Cannot override model factories default

I can't workout why I cannot override the values specified in my ModelFactory.php file, from within...

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Laravel Desktop Application

Is there any desktop application that is useful for executing and managing Laravel applications?

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Hostgator for hosting?

Looking at Hostgator and Bluehost. Also A Small Orange host. Anyone have any experience with these?...

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Installing Laravel 5 on a shared hosting (hostgator)

I read a few tutorials about how to install a laravel application on shared hosting, although it see...

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how to Setup Laravel 5 in Shared Hosting

how to Setup Laravel 5 in Shared Hosting ?

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About "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by rem

When I try "vagrant ssh" under my homestead directory, I get "ssh_exchange_identifica...

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New Forge Linode server not provisioning.

Has anyone else had the problem that a new linode server on forge doesn't finish provisioning? After...

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Laravel Installation, Linode issues.

Hello! I'm currently trying to get started with developing using Laravel, and settled on Linode as a...

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putenv() has been disabled for security reasons

Hello, I just clean installed Laravel and am getting the following message not just upon install but...

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