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6 Jul, 2014 at 09:38

Email notifications [Feature Request]

Could we get email notifications of when our threads are commented on? Not that anything I've ever p...

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Should i make more use of the models?

Hello, i'm a newbie with laravel, and so far i managed to make a good and working code only with the...

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18 Aug, 2014 at 08:08

Is it worth it to use Laravel to write a full blog engine and more?

I am presently using WordPress as a blogging platform. I have read an article on Codeheaps that stat...

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14 Aug, 2014 at 08:51

how to redirect. old url to new url

how to redirect old url to new url. old url: new url: http:/...

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laravel + react.js

any advices what to do and what not to do to combine react.js with laravel project ? what is the goo...

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Fatal error: Class 'Whoops\TestCase' not found in laravel Phpstorm

i m facing this error in PhpStorm while debug project Fatal error: Class 'Whoops\TestCase' not found...

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plain PHP to Laravel

As an outdated fan of development, who codes just for fun, I am comfortable with PHP. However I like...

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Great Laravel 4 tutorials on this site

Just thought I would contribute and let everyone know about these great tutorials at

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92five app (self hosted project management solution)

Hey guys, I am finally done with my project management application and wanted to share it with you g...

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Ecommerce With admin panel

hi can anybody help me to built shopping cart with admin panel or is there any reference link where...

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Laravel homestead error

I've been using the vagrant box Laravel Homestead and it's all working fine with PHP projects. But n...

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Laravel custom pagination problem -> FatalErrorException

Hello folks, I struggle a lot with some pagination. So basically I do: reconfing 'view' in app/view/...

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Integrating java into laravel

Is it possible to integrate java into laravel? I've researched on the net, by using Java Bridge, jav...

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How should i use repositories ?

Suppose that We have a user that has many forum posts, and we want to get paginated user posts : Whi...

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12 Jul, 2014 at 06:36

Build A Laravel Community in My Country

Hi I use Laravel for a while and i really Like it so i want to build a laravel community in my count...

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Combining Laravel with AngularJS

Hi guys, I was curious about the way that you, developers, combine Laravel with AngularJS. Do you on...

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Inserting multiple rows to database

Hi, I've created a form where users can choose multiple checkboxes. <input type="checkbox&qu...

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Storing multiple checkbox values into mysql database

Hi, I'm making a form where users are able to choose more than one checkbox choices. http://laravel....

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3 Jun, 2014 at 09:51

Erinite CRM

Hi everyone :) I promised on the IRC Channel that I would post a link to the CRM I made for my final...

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Neo4j Cypher adapter

Hello, I have created a neo4j package specifically used to send cypher query. Have a look at it here...

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