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posted 2 years ago clone optimization

Recently I downloaded the code of and deploy application on my local server as well as i...

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User management (password)

Hello, when an admin creates a user, is it a practical option to automatically pass a random passwor...

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Shop manager

Can the shop manager in e-commerce also delete products, or only has the option to create and edit,...

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Shop manager role

LarCan the shop manager in e-commerce also delete products, or only has the option to create and edi...

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joedixon/laravel-translation error during installation?

joedixon/laravel-translation error during installation in Laravel: Unsupported operand types? I am f...

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Laravel Eloquent Route Problems When Editing via PUT

Gentlemen, I have had a problem for days, without getting a solution. I try to pass the route, but a...

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Try to get some data from an object

Hello everybody, I have this SQL Query : ->select(' as hname', 'herbs.scina...

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Packages not installing

Hi Guys, I'm executing composer install command getting following error, anyone knows the solution....

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Select dropdown value check and show if Not exist in databas

hi, i am trying to show only those packages name from drop down list which doesn't exist in database...

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Post detail page is not indexed in google

Hi there my name is Zia, I'm new in this channel I have built a blog in Laravel, but...

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how to assign permission to storage directory in my laravel

I created a video player project in laravel. the video will play from only authenticated users. usin...

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posted 3 years ago

What is

Just stumbled acrossed this was wondering what this is? And if I had a...

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i have problems with nullable fields

my nullable fields do not store values in the database even when the input boxes are filled. when i...

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Symlink Laravel cpanel

I have uploaded my first website to cpanel using this tutorial

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The best way to code mlm app?

We like to implement a system for a Network Marketing Company that operates in several countries but...

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SFTP issue

I want the pick the csv from the SFTP and use array to run in a loop in laravel

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Undefined variable: setting in laravel blade file

Hi all am having undefined variable error on my blade file please help below ur find links to my ro...

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problem with laravel and blade at the time of conditional ve

the problem is that at the time of doing the data verification it gives error controller public func...

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Creating Cognito AWS Authentication in laravel

I would like to create User Registration with Cognito AWS Authentication with laravel php but I do n...

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Backpack VS AdminLTE

Hello, Is anyone have an experience using either Backpack or AdminLTE to develop admin panel in Lara...

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