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10 Feb, 2020 at 12:59

What is

Just stumbled acrossed this was wondering what this is? And if I had a...

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i have problems with nullable fields

my nullable fields do not store values in the database even when the input boxes are filled. when i...

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Symlink Laravel cpanel

I have uploaded my first website to cpanel using this tutorial

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The best way to code mlm app?

We like to implement a system for a Network Marketing Company that operates in several countries but...

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SFTP issue

I want the pick the csv from the SFTP and use array to run in a loop in laravel

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Undefined variable: setting in laravel blade file

Hi all am having undefined variable error on my blade file please help below ur find links to my ro...

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problem with laravel and blade at the time of conditional ve

the problem is that at the time of doing the data verification it gives error controller public func...

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Creating Cognito AWS Authentication in laravel

I would like to create User Registration with Cognito AWS Authentication with laravel php but I do n...

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Backpack VS AdminLTE

Hello, Is anyone have an experience using either Backpack or AdminLTE to develop admin panel in Lara...

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404 when navigating to a get route in laravel on production

On production, when I navigate to in my browser I get a 404 p...

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how to create my own button with crudbooster in Laravel?

I have a button called "Buat SPT". I just want this button call my controller called Admin...

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Issue of Auth:check and Users sessions

Hello to all. I have an issue that i can't understand what is wrong. I got CRM and when users is log...

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Chrome error Failed to load resource

Hi Guys, i have a strange problem with my website based on laravel. The point is when i try lo load...

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Will I lag behind in my career or earn low as I work on PHP?

I have been in Software Development since 5.3 years. I worked a lot on PHP, its frameworks(laravel,...

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Laravel Passport Api Access Token used For Client Side

Hi! i have little knowledge of laravel passport api, i made serveral api for android devices but nev...

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Getting error in Laravel 5.7 edit route page not found

Laravel Version 5.7 , PHP version 7+ I created a resource controller -> CategoryController [havin...

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Going to home when trying to reach /login or /register

I am using Auth scaffolding in laravel 5.5. But when i try to go to /login or /register,i am redirec...

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26 Jun, 2018 at 11:29 use of jobs

Hi there, new in the community! I am still trying to find the best way to work with Laravel and some...

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Error Connection SqlServer

I tried everything, my laravel that did not fit the driver ... I have an application with pure php a...

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