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how to integrate php websocket with my laravel applicationla

I have a php websocket for server and client, I want to integrate that websocket with my Laravel app...

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cannot install laravel via composerl

Could not scan for classes inside "/root/.config/composer/vendor/symfony/polyfill-php73/Resourc...

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Laravel @extends('')not working on some pages

<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <m...

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Is there any ready-made solution or code available

IN Laravel : Is there any ready-made solution or code which includes common area for project (for a...

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How to Export large amount of data around 15 lacks in excel

Hello, I am exporting data with a total record of 15 lacks. It takes about 28-30 minutes. I want to...

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Laravel single chat, group chat ,video call and voice callla

We need laravel chat module some things like WhatsApp where you can group chat, single chat, video c...

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can we get same structure using relation

Hi , Can i get the data in same structure using the relation for ex:: I have to tables One is User a...

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Laravel IOT MQTT Integration

Client - Laravel Server Communication using MQTT. I read about a Laravel package (

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Can we improve this blogging app?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. In the FrontendController controller I have: na...

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How do I pass common variables to all the views in Laravel?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. I have a settings table from which I pull the v...

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StartProcess() issue with Fortify (in C#)

The method StartProcess() in WindowsApiManager.cs calls set_Arguments() to execute a command. This c...

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how to integrate Trackingmore API in laravel

Hello , i'm wondering how i can add trackingmore api in my laravel project in order to track parcels...

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Problem withla running my first laravel file web.php

l am getting this error Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Undefined constant 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\...

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How to correctly make redirectTo by role on Laravel 8?

Hello everyone, I can't find the answer on the Internet, how to implement Redirect by roles? I have...

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How to convert a blade view to pdf

Hi, everyone, I am new to Laravel, I want to generate a pdf from a view that is generated run time....

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JWT Authentication

Hello, I would like to know whether we can use the laravel default auth and JWT auth in the construc...

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Trello clone

I have a project like trello with vue js and laravel, I want to understand in this case do I need a...

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route [Laravel Installer::welcome] not defined.

i gor effro in my ur;:[/url] Environment information Laravel version 8...

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Why Laravel model observer doesn't work??

<?php namespace App\Models; use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Factories\HasFactory; use Illuminat...

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Which Laravel elements are applicable? On a mission.

Could you point me in the right direction? I'm working on a (pro-bono) project and being new to Lara...

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