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17 Jun, 2016 at 04:36

error on this site

my own profile, when logged in: gives: Whoops, looks like something...

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Question about LTS support

Hi folks, I assume that Laravel LTS (5.1) will include in LTS all minor updates, i.e. 5.1.4, 5.1.11....

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Create join without "ON" clause

Hi Guys...i need some help...i need to implement something like this... select * FROM matchscore_pr...

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Problem redirect administration panel

Hi, you do not see the administration panel: But you get the...

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APP_Key Error in Laravel, Php artisan key:generate

I wanna know how to generate 32 size App_KEY in php artisan ? cuz, in my project it generates APP_KE...

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Is it possible to inject an interface into Laravels Kernel.php?

I am currently refactoring my Laravel 5 project in order to make use of the Repository Design Patter...

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7 Jun, 2016 at 07:25

can laravel docs site can have go to top button

while checking out docs for some queries , i have reached to the bottom of page. if i need to search...

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convert string to integer

I convert string in to integer with (int) function But on localhost this work fine but when i upload...

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Passing Multiple Parameters through URL to Controller using Input::get('paramter1').

Hello, This is my route.php Route::get('test/{paramter1}/{paramter2}', '[email protected]');...

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Artisan display an "K" in all commands and I got the same "K" in my site.

Artisan display an "K" in all commands and I got the same "K" in my site. E.x: k...

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18 May, 2016 at 10:13

eloquent model delete does not work

hi.. public static function boot() { parent::boot(); static::creating(function($model)...

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17 May, 2016 at 10:06

Komodo IDE 10(X) has been released.

The long awaited Komodo IDE 10 has been released. Check it out, you might just like it ;). http://ko...

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No query results for a model

Good day, Am trying t return a view from login valdiation but an error keeps showing "No query...

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What is the best way to build a site that also uses an api and Ionic ?

Hello. I am a little confused about sometime and thought i would ask the your thoughts. Basically I...

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Oauth 2 PUT & DELETE Method Not working

Urgent!!! I Applied Oauth On my API, It's working fine on GET, POST Method, when calling API I passe...

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8 May, 2016 at 05:07 Whoops page in Safari, OK in Firefox.

I've got a strange problem where this site works in Firefox but in Safari I just see the "Whoop...

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Laravel subdirectory link in route group

Hey, Is this a valid approach to create a route group on routes.php ? Because its showing NotfoundHt...

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i need to write a migrations in laarvel ?

hai , i need add one column in data base like location . that field should be a geo-location , but i...

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Laravel 5 and Nodejs

Hi! I'm a newbie Laravel. I want to build a trivia simple game online realtime, trivia game has 2 pl...

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LaraFlow, a new mac app to help Laravel developers

Dears I 'm introducing LaraFlow, a new mac app to help Laravel developers to accomplish 3 things: 1-...

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