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validate() redirect not showing all error messages (Chrome)

Laravel 5.4 version The validate() function works until I test more than 3 errors in the form. Upon...

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403 error on from submit

Hi. I faced with some problems on my Laravel project. Script works correctly on WAMP but when I uplo...

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How To Create Unique Validation On The Form Request

Hi all I have 2 unique field for label and isbn. For the cleaner code i moved the validation to a Fo...

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Send user password reset link after creation by admin

My application only allows for admin to create users (i.e. users cannot register), and assign roles...

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posted 8 years ago

Custom validation messages with data of the rules

Hi, this is a common custom error message: $messages = array( 'min' => 'This field aint long enou...

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posted 5 years ago

Why laravel can not cancel validation?

I think laraval no support in this regard, what do you think? I think one of the field validation f...

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HTTP POST Request in Laravel 5.5

Let me try to explain what I'm trying to do. We have an API for SMS services hosted somewhere in the...

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Updating another user and ignoring its name/email when validating

Hello, I'm having some trouble realizing a bit of logic in my application. In short, I have a user u...

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Laravel 5.4 Session Flash and Validator are not work !

Hey guys, Kernel.php : UserController $this->validate($request, [...

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Cannot make radiobutton bootstrap work. Laravel 5.4

Hello there everyone, thanks for read this and help me. I have a form like this <div class="...

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Localization & Validation

I need to change the error message on the default auth/login.blade.php file It returns "These c...

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Google reCaptcha always resetting with laravel 5.1

I've searched about it on internet but it seems to be different. I'm using laravel5.1 and implemente...

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Laravel Eloquent Saving by batch

is there any way on how to save a Whole batch of file using eloquent ? For example I have a 1000 ite...

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Flash data lost after Session::save()

Hey, as title stated, I lose my flash data after I trigger a Session::save in the destruct of my con...

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Validate two fields with the same validation rule

Hello everyone. Is it possible in Laravel to apply the same validation rule to multiple fields? For...

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How to redirect to post form when validation fails?

i am using POST method to edit the user web.php Route::match(['get','post'],'/editUser', 'UsersCon...

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Laravel 5 How to change Date Format from Boostrap datepicker in Controller before Validation

i want to change the date format in controller before doing validation. Below is my view <input t...

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BindException in Guard.php line 80: Can't contact LDAP server

Hi, i just learned to use laravel and ldap. Currently, I'm creating a web system for employees. I ha...

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Laravel unique validation on multiple columns for unique relations

How do I perform a Laravel unique validation on multiple columns for unique relations. One user can...

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posted 6 years ago

$errors variable empty after failed validation

I'm brand new to Laravel (and fairly new at PHP), and I'm loving it so far... except for one issue t...

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