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Validating unique data with validation service

I'm using a validation service to validate user submitted form input (something along the lines of:...

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Dynamic constraints from router in Eager Loading

Hey guys, i've been looking for example about dynamic constraints using eager loading, but many exam...

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Laravel Paid Plugins and suggestion

I heard that Taylor is working on paid Laravel modules? Does anyone know when they come out and they...

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Relationship and access to methods in models

Hello guys, How can I access methods of model in relationships? class B extends Eloquent { public...

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Laravel and jquery.chained.js - how to

Hi Guys, Im trying to integrate jquery.chained.js ( in my...

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Session Destroy

Hi, I'm a completelly newbie in laravel and I used to code with native php, here still cant find an...

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OrderBy WhereHas

$headlines = Post::whereHas('categories', function($query) { $query->where('name', '=', 'headlin...

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Setting Database connection for Many To Many Eloquent relationship

Hi, I'm working on application that requires managing several databases from one administration inte...

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Files to copy when moving from development to productio

I am a codeigniter convert to Laravel and I am impressed by its features. However, theres is one thi...

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Interface/Repository to multiple models

I'm writing a system around an existing database structure using Laravel 4.1. The current system is...

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OrderBy with my custom attributes

Hi, I've tried to figure out if this is possible, but can't figure out how if it's even possible. Le...

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Load different template on different request

I do have 2 different on my pages but I would like to load in different situation, for example when...

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Loosing relationship when doing ->select(...)

Hi, I have two tables that look something like this: # Author # ID Name Slug 1 Denni...

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String Vs Text in Schema

I like to know the difference between String vs Text in schema. (Also longText , mediumText) I'm sav...

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Multiple mail "to"

Hello Laravel Folks, How can I specify multiple email addresses in the Mail::queue function? Do I ch...

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Compiling or pipelining Sass assets

I need a comprehensive guide on how to do it. I already tried LaravelGuard from Jeffrey Way (which d...

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Storing configuration on database

I need some configuration to be changeable by a logged in user, and at first I thought at a file ins...

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Creating migrations on a web server

I am following the laravel tutorial guide for the creation of migrations. In the guide, it says to u...

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Sending automated emails based on user notification settings

Hello, I am currently working on automated user notifications (Emails and cell phone text messaging)...

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Make Laravel packages stable

Laravel composer want stable as minimum-stability. If I attempt to install my own package I've to se...

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