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Laravel G-suite authentication

I have successfully implemented an auth system using Breeze in my application, and it's working perf...

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posted 1 day ago

Using Redis as Laravel Cache is not improving performanceRe

Hello, I have setted up Laravel to use Redis as cache driver. But when I try to Cache something thro...

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Which is good, lightweight and easy layout for Laravel

I am using Laravel from past 2 months. I learned many concepts from Laravel, but I am confusing that...

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Unclear Calculation in Software Engineer/Developer Salarysa

I recently followed the calculation for the software engineer/developer salary listed in the article...

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Error after deploy on hosting

Hello, I have web on Laravel framework which working on local server without problems. But after cop...

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Sneat Open Source VueJS Laravel Admin Template

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well! I recently discovered an impressive laravel integrated v...

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posted 2 weeks ago

Morph Many Through Help

I have a large development project with the following requirement. ModelA ModelB ModelC User I need...

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How to display Categories and Subcategories with my code

I have this category table, and I want to display the main categories and subcategories on the front...

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Issue with optional() function and accessor in Laravel8

I'm encountering an issue related to the optional() helper function and an accessor in Laravel 8. In...

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posted 4 days ago

Predict disease

Hi, i want to know Fhow to use the Farrington algorithm in a Laravel project? I have an entity calle...

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Conditional Validation with dependency to other fields

I am trying to validate import data using Laravel Excel. I got through to using required_if when a f...

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Is there any ready-made solution or code available

IN Laravel : Is there any ready-made solution or code which includes common area for project (for a...

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Regarding the modules routing not working

Routing that I have created:- Route::prefix('user')->group(function() { Route::controller('users'...

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Laravel v7 - Data Table

I have made a E-commerce WebApp where you can order food online and pay. The orders arrive on the Or...

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Need Help with adding a mass update to current CRM

Hello, I am trying to add another mass update function to a current open source CRM code. I want to...

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posted 1 month ago

laravel sql serverHas anyone used muil tenant with sql serve

Has anyone used muil tenant with sql server?

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Authetication in magodb using Auth::gaurdman

Auth::guard('staff')->attempt($Auth_data) How to validate the mango db collection fields in the a...

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Verification Email Not Being Sent to User After Registration

Hello Community, I'm currently facing an issue where the verification email is not being sent to use...

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posted 1 week ago

I need help If i create an article i have that mistake

count(): Argument #1 ($var) must be of type Countable|array,

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posted 1 week ago

i need help in laravel

please if u have a user table, and employee table and a payment table .the payment table contains th...

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