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2 hours ago

html microdata in

i have HTML Microdata code that I want to add to my post content, most of them are FAQ, Question and...

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Laravel Echo Authorizer

hi, im using Laravel 8 as api backend and react js in front. im trying to build a websocket connecti...

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Laravel vs wordpress/other for simple website larav

To make a very simple website with a contact form and a payment system, is it wise to use Laravel as...

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How to create Github actions for Laravel Sail project

Hello, I have a Git repository which contains Laravel Project created using "Sail". Now, w...

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Mysql doesn't start while taking git clone of Laravel Sail

Hello, I am taking a pull from a Git repository of Laravel Project build up using Sail. Then i run b...

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1 day ago

8 Important Benefits of Massage for Better Health

If you’re a parent, then chances are you have probably had to spend some quality time with your lit...

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Laravel 9.11.0 Date Validation

I don't have much knowledge of larval. So please help me briefly. I have a larval-based website. On...

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PHPStan What is the solution to the error?

Laravel 9 Code to create User class in RegisteredUserController.php. When I run PHP Stan I get the f...

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DualListBox compilation error while useing Inertiajs(React)

Hi.! I'm using React Dual List box plugin for transferbut while compiling Mix is giving me this erro...

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Show data from another table based on the foreign_key ID

Hello. I have two table, Penyedia (Vendor) and Pekerjaan (Work), I already made the eloquent relatio...

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Affiliation Marketing

Ecommerce Affiliation Marketing intregation .. pls share code

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laravel with external cameraany

how to access external camera using jQuery in laravel && take a picture && save it i...

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get all ValidatorMessage from rules

I am trying to show all possible error messages that come from the rules I created. how can i show i...

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Remove tabs from page source

is there a laravel package to remove tabs when the website is loaded with page source view in browse...

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nova-api routes are returning 504 error in production

Hi, We have a Nova admin will all of its pages working in our dev and stage environments. However, s...

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Sanctum unauthenticated on production, works locally

Hey, Sanctum works fine on my local machine, but has authentication problem on production. Any sugge...

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2 weeks ago

Middleware contains no request data??

Can anyone help determine why my middleware would find the $request object empty? Kernel.php protec...

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503 5.5.1 Error: already authenticated when sending email

Swift_TransportException: Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "[email protected]

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Collection.php in line 11 poblem, cannot run php artisan ser

Hi Guys. I have a problem with running my laravel app. When I try cmd "php artisan serve"...

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Unknown at rule @tailwindcss(unknownAtRules)

I installed a new Laravel project. I want to use TailWindCSS and followed the instructions exactly a...

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